1. Portfolio Cover portfolio design product design ux presentation website portfolio
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    Portfolio Cover
  2. Parallel Portfolio Callout callout heart ios ux dating app app store social orange devices iphone app dating
    View Parallel Portfolio Callout
    Parallel Portfolio Callout
  3. Marketing Feature Block diagonal dots background image website marketing circles proximity nearby bluetooth users people white orange scanning
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    Marketing Feature Block
  4. Parallel App Icon ios app icon design app heart orange lines parallel logo app icon
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    Parallel App Icon
  5. Parallel ios dating app dating logo dating parallel lines heart logo brand identity branding
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  6. Card (Tinder) Swipe Mechanic iphone app mobile ios flat ui simple cards animation gif interaction ixd swipe card tinder
    View Card (Tinder) Swipe Mechanic
    Card (Tinder) Swipe Mechanic
  7. Onboarding - Scanning onboarding iphone app social network people find gif animation fade finding looking searching scanning
    View Onboarding - Scanning
    Onboarding - Scanning
  8. Onboarding - Relationship Types gifts gif animation product animation gift app iphone onboarding dating friends gif
    View Onboarding - Relationship Types
    Onboarding - Relationship Types
  9. Friendship Test buttons progress bar progress ui quiz app friends results swipe test quiz
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    Friendship Test
  10. Persona tobias blocks light modular cards types icons toggle
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  11. UI Patterns buttons date picker sliders colorscheme forms modules pattern library pattern ui
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    UI Patterns
  12. Partner Scorecards cards data visulization report ui linechart chart scorecard score
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    Partner Scorecards
  13. A roadmap diagram plan time chart gantt planning project timeline product map road roadmap
    View A roadmap
    A roadmap
  14. Prototype Dimensions presentation types prototype phone
    View Prototype Dimensions
    Prototype Dimensions
  15. User Card invite admin permissions settings card user
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    User Card
  16. Insights dots stats vis visualization data graph chart line blocks insights
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  17. Bars quantitative forecast visualization months types time dates graph chart data bars
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  18. Journey Map ux research empathy flow user map journey
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    Journey Map
  19. Analytics Wireframes line bar pie trends analysis visualization data vis wireframes analytics
    View Analytics Wireframes
    Analytics Wireframes
  20. Onboarding Improvements ixd principle swipe scroll pets animals dog paging onboarding
    View Onboarding Improvements
    Onboarding Improvements
  21. Onboarding Flow principle dog park iphone ios welcome onboarding animation gif
    View Onboarding Flow
    Onboarding Flow
  22. Canine Persona clean pup dots points scale rating proxima nova research user persona dog
    View Canine Persona
    Canine Persona
  23. Welcome to The Grid tablet desktop monitor laptop padding columns gutters layout grid devices
    View Welcome to The Grid
    Welcome to The Grid
  24. Grid Specs ruler spacing guidelines rules specifications schematics grid
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    Grid Specs
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