1. 2020 Personal Site Refresh personal site personal website mobile about bio dark homepage contact minimal typography web responsive home website
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    2020 Personal Site Refresh
  2. Crowdfunding — Components timeline images photos crowdfunding clean minimal flat desktop web design product design components product ui web
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    Crowdfunding — Components
  3. Crowdfunding — Visual Concept hero home web design website white blue images photography clean minimal crowdfunding web flat
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    Crowdfunding — Visual Concept
  4. Crypto.com Currency Wallet chart buy portfolio mobile finance ios blue fintech graph mco crypto app
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    Crypto.com Currency Wallet
  5. Food Details tags image iphonex category label grocery diet nutrition detail healthcare food ios
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    Food Details
  6. Creating Looks fashion clothing looks outfits wardrobe iphonex create tools empty ios style edit
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    Creating Looks
  7. Content Search logo suggestions autocomplete content decks slides gradient navigation filters find search
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    Content Search
  8. Graph Visualizations track percentage trends filters summary star visualization chart line bar graphs
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    Graph Visualizations
  9. Dribbble Vancouver Meetup animation principle july host event fun pink fireworks dribbble meetup metalab vancouver
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    Dribbble Vancouver Meetup
  10. Travel Form airport booking date avatar input checkbox radio icons blue form travel web
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    Travel Form
  11. Slack Case Study Animation project metalab circles gif principle animation study case slack web
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    Slack Case Study Animation
  12. Project Management web ui charts buttons profile cards graphs flat content activity collaboration projects
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    Project Management
  13. Content Collaboration ui settings avatar web comments share flat notifications profile popover collaboration content
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    Content Collaboration
  14. Bling filter avatar mobile ios buy flat list transfer finance money bitcoin
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  15. Personal Assistant App settings messaging flat ui bot assistant cards checklist chat home profile mobile
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    Personal Assistant App
  16. Quick Type Tester input button ui subheading paragraph header typeface fonts google muli typography product
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    Quick Type Tester
  17. Pizza pepperoni mushroom bacon food plate canadian red illustration stroke vector pizza
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  18. Metalab.co marketing metalab landing responsive flat web mobile devices desktop agency
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  19. Clubhouse window roof cloud sun trees building stroke illustration vector clubhouse
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  20. Sketch Freebie – Subtle Devices vector template sketch responsive mockups ios illustration freebie free download devices android
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    Sketch Freebie – Subtle Devices
  21. Travel Nursing App profile jobs interaction gif ios mobile animation prototype principle
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    Travel Nursing App
  22. Top of the Rock building purple flat rockefeller top of the rock illustration
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    Top of the Rock
  23. It's Alive! desktop clean minimal flat typography portfolio personal homepage web
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    It's Alive!
  24. Crafted By Love web design showcase gallery site minimalist flat typography
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    Crafted By Love
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