1. Sad Sticker sad sticker cute illustration
    View Sad Sticker
    Sad Sticker
  2. Floating calm relaxed clouds floating mindfulness vector minimal illustration
    View Floating
  3. Magic crystal ball minimal cute graphic illustration crystal ball
    View Magic crystal ball
    Magic crystal ball
  4. Lazy Alarm ux ui clock alarm app minimal ux design ui design
    View Lazy Alarm
    Lazy Alarm
  5. Zero zero graphic vector minimal illustration
    View Zero
  6. Font Finder fonts app icon typography branding minimal logo
    View Font Finder
    Font Finder
  7. But Why pastel moody illustration gesture character
    View But Why
    But Why
  8. U is for Unicorn cute graphic cool rainbow illustration
    View U is for Unicorn
    U is for Unicorn
  9. Truth Ventures Logo vc money green logo graphic typography branding
    View Truth Ventures Logo
    Truth Ventures Logo
  10. Pills King Logo vector icon cute illustration minimal branding minimal king graphic  design logo
    View Pills King Logo
    Pills King Logo
  11. Stacks 36daysoftype lettering type typography graphic branding illustration
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  12. CryptoMunch Splash face branding app delivery food cute cryptocurrency crypto mascot logo monster
    View CryptoMunch Splash
    CryptoMunch Splash
  13. The CryptoMuncher cryptocurrency crypto app branding delivery food cute mascot logo monster
    View The CryptoMuncher
    The CryptoMuncher
  14. Character Illustration bangs graphic material flat people woman illustration
    View Character Illustration
    Character Illustration
  15. Designing Forms material gray business ui ux forms enterprise
    View Designing Forms
    Designing Forms
  16. Coin Publish gold coin cryptocurrency news crypto logo branding
    View Coin Publish
    Coin Publish
  17. Fit Fruit fitness exercise drawing strawberry graphic illustration fruit
    View Fit Fruit
    Fit Fruit
  18. Don't Panic retro font gif animation pixel typography type h2g2
    View Don't Panic
    Don't Panic
  19. Explore Illustration cloud sun yellow explore graphic mountains sunrise illustration
    View Explore Illustration
    Explore Illustration
  20. Coin Social coin logo icon app ethereum bitcoin cryptocurrency crypto
    View Coin Social
    Coin Social
  21. Blueberry Medical app icon branding healthcare medical blueberry icon fruit logo
    View Blueberry Medical
    Blueberry Medical
  22. Pollution app roboto android cards aqi pollution ui design
    View Pollution app
    Pollution app
  23. plshire.me web ux ui internships product design
    View plshire.me
  24. Sunny Side Up 🍳 rounded water beach food illustrator sketch vector illustration minimal egg
    View Sunny Side Up 🍳
    Sunny Side Up 🍳
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