1. Online Banking - Cardholder Dashboard webdesign branding web design atm cash flow money mastercard credit limit total balance account cards payments transactions yellow black gura nicholson dark theme banking bank online banking
    View Online Banking - Cardholder Dashboard
    Online Banking - Cardholder Dashboard
  2. Task Manager - IOS App product design branding user experience widgets mobile dashboard dashboard stats colorfull clean smooth website design app design gura nicholson designui managment to do to dos tasks task manager
    View Task Manager - IOS App
    Task Manager - IOS App
  3. Travel Booking fly wizzair pink ui pink website pink 2021 web design travel web design travel app ux ui web web design gura nicholson safari wizz booking
    View Travel Booking
    Travel Booking
  4. Task Manager - macOS App product design web design to do app dashboard clean smooth widgets stats task manager tasks to do design uiux user experience website ui user interface gura nicholson
    View Task Manager - macOS App
    Task Manager - macOS App
  5. Crypto Investment Wallet mobile crypto app mobile app crypto exchange branding mobile banking banking bitcoin wallet ethereum bitcoin white ui white mobile design gura nicholson 2021 ui user interface cryptocurrency crypto crypto wallet
    View Crypto Investment Wallet
    Crypto Investment Wallet
  6. Online courses - Landing page website concept e learning 2021 gura nicholson landingpage saas landing page tutor education platform saas digital product ui ux design online courses online learning courses digital gradient red orange webdesign
    View Online courses - Landing page
    Online courses - Landing page
  7. Miami ad school tbilisi - Get in touch education application art direction courses ad school school get started colorfull gradient forms user interface 2021 gura nicholson dark more dark theme website design website miami ad school tbilisi miami ad school tbilisi miami ad school get in touch
    View Miami ad school tbilisi - Get in touch
    Miami ad school tbilisi - Get in touch
  8. Miami Ad School Tbilisi product gradient type minimal typography branding 2021 user interface minimalism web design gura nicholson digital design art direction colorfull ui
    View Miami Ad School Tbilisi
    Miami Ad School Tbilisi
  9. Figma Redesign design design system glassmorphism gura nicholson sketch xd saas web design green orange userinterface soft programme ui ux software figma figma 2021 figma redesign
    View Figma Redesign
    Figma Redesign
  10. Jobber - Job Search Platform Mobile App swipe jobs job listing platform 2021 minimalism white mobile ux mobile ui website gura nicholson job finder platform mobile mobile design app design colorfull google jobber job finder
    View Jobber - Job Search Platform Mobile App
    Jobber - Job Search Platform Mobile App
  11. The story of color ( ORANGE ) user interface ui 2021 color the story of color orange the story of color orange juice agency website web deisgn agency website concept gura nicholson typography typography art oranges orange
    View The story of color ( ORANGE )
    The story of color ( ORANGE )
  12. The story of color ( RED ) typography art typography gura nicholson website concept agency webdesign website ui the story of color color red red color
    View The story of color ( RED )
    The story of color ( RED )
  13. Trackers blocker  - VPN webdesign dark mode app 2021 dark theme real projects real project user experience user interface trending ui green gura nicholson trending landing page website vpn trackers blocker
    View Trackers blocker - VPN
    Trackers blocker - VPN
  14. Daft Punk | Desktop user interface dark theme trends 2021 user interface trend yellow redesign webdesign web dark dark mode desktop gura nicholson apple music music app spotify music daft punk
    View Daft Punk | Desktop
    Daft Punk | Desktop
  15. Multifunctional Dashboard app team workspace team files projects blue 2021 dashboard ux team chat chat workspace dashboard ui cloud storage tasks timeline gura nicholson user interface webdeisgn dashboad
    View Multifunctional Dashboard
    Multifunctional Dashboard
  16. Daft Punk mobile design mobile app mobile ui 2021 ui trends ui uidesign music app ui daftpunk2021 guranicholson song lyrics lyrics songs playlist punk track music player app music player daft punk daftpunk
    View Daft Punk
    Daft Punk
  17. Cloud Storage file manager gura nicholson 2021 trend 2021 trend user experience user interface uiux application ui application cloud storage app cloudy dribbble pinky promise pinky upload uploading files storage cloud cloud storage
    View Cloud Storage
    Cloud Storage
  18. Cactus Care community application ui application trend google digital plants branding app plants plant cactus illustration shade of green user interface uiux dribbble gura nicholson ui community care green cactus
    View Cactus Care community
    Cactus Care community
  19. Colooors pallete gradient google new style trendy design ui ux trend application app mobile design mobile user experience ui gura nicholson uiux user interface colors
    View Colooors
  20. IOS Vibe minimal simple ui ux design ui design mobile mobile ui mobile app daily ui 3d design 3d avatars 3d character trend avatar generator avatar macos ios app design apple memoji ios
    View IOS Vibe
    IOS Vibe
  21. macOS Vibe 2021 mac starbucks gura nicholson user interface 3d icons 3d ios icons caramel caramel icons iphone 12 iphone 12 pro iphone m1 macos big sur mac os dark mode dark mode dark black macosx macos
    View macOS Vibe
    macOS Vibe
  22. Youtube Redesign Concept - Dark theme | Part 2 design 2021 web design website user experience user interface ui dark ui ux dark theme ui black dark mode dark ui dark colors gura nicholson dark theme redesign dark theme google red redesign youtube youtube redesign
    View Youtube Redesign Concept - Dark theme | Part 2
    Youtube Redesign Concept - Dark theme | Part 2
  23. Youtube Redesign concept - Dark theme uiux website user experience user interface gura nicholson ubuntu black red green black and red redshift youtube social dark theme youtube dark theme youtube concept youtube redesigned redesign youtube redesign youtube
    View Youtube Redesign concept - Dark theme
    Youtube Redesign concept - Dark theme
  24. Dashboard UI KIT styleguide ui elements ui design graphics statistic kit ui colorfull dashboard ui elements dashboard elements dashboard ui kit
    View Dashboard UI KIT
    Dashboard UI KIT
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