1. Branded Careers Page
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    Branded Careers Page
  2. Candidate Detail Card
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    Candidate Detail Card
  3. Offer Details Card ats card form offer
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    Offer Details Card
  4. Offer Statuses ats offerletter statuses
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    Offer Statuses
  5. Send Offer Modal compose message modal
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    Send Offer Modal
  6. Concierge Landing Page landing page responsive responsive design sign up sign up form sign up ui ui
    View Concierge Landing Page
    Concierge Landing Page
  7. Responsive Landing Page Build css html landing page responsive design web design
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    Responsive Landing Page Build
  8. Helios Logo brand branding logo logotype vector
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    Helios Logo
  9. Banners banner branding cta ui
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  10. CRM insights dashboard app crm dashboad dashboard ui
    View CRM insights dashboard
    CRM insights dashboard
  11. CRM - Schedule an appointment app calendar crm scheduler
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    CRM - Schedule an appointment
  12. Sign in screen with feature ad dashboard isometric login sign in ui
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    Sign in screen with feature ad
  13. Unused contact card UI concept card contact ui
    View Unused contact card UI concept
    Unused contact card UI concept
  14. Invite users interface checkout form invite licenses
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    Invite users interface
  15. Card symbols cards sketch symbols ui
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    Card symbols
  16. Form symbols (Sketch 49) forms
    View Form symbols (Sketch 49)
    Form symbols (Sketch 49)
  17. Hunter S Thompson
    View Hunter S Thompson
    Hunter S Thompson
  18. Foundations sketch styleguide symbols type typography ui
    View Foundations
  19. Steve apple jobs stevejobs
    View Steve
  20. Elements of craft buttons product system design ui design
    View Elements of craft
    Elements of craft
  21. Clio iOS app - task detail detail task
    View Clio iOS app - task detail
    Clio iOS app - task detail
  22. Clio iOS app agenda calendar
    View Clio iOS app
    Clio iOS app
  23. Clio iOS app mobile tasks
    View Clio iOS app
    Clio iOS app
  24. Onboarding interface onboarding ui wizard
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