1. Illustrated Tourism Map muskoka lake forest hand drawn map tourism illustration illustrated map
    View Illustrated Tourism Map
    Illustrated Tourism Map
  2. General Store Mural wilderness hammer moose paddle camping greens outdoors muskoka linocut hand drawn mural illustration
    View General Store Mural
    General Store Mural
  3. General Store Website linocut paddle camping moose rural outdoors hand drawn hero web design website illustration
    View General Store Website
    General Store Website
  4. Hero T-rex Illustration website concept portfolio header hand drawn dinosaur t-rex illustration hero website
    View Hero T-rex Illustration
    Hero T-rex Illustration
  5. Manatee Pint black and white logo manatee illustration hand drawn restaurant brewery beer glass
    View Manatee Pint
    Manatee Pint
  6. Beer Cow black and white restaurant beer hat brewery hand drawn cow illustration
    View Beer Cow
    Beer Cow
  7. Barbecue Pig black and white hand drawn restaurant brewery barbecue pig illustration
    View Barbecue Pig
    Barbecue Pig
  8. Illustrated Icons bread and butter chair hourglass flying car texture black and white hand drawn icon illustration illustrated icons iconography
    View Illustrated Icons
    Illustrated Icons
  9. Footer Illustration monkey call to action banana black and white hand drawn chimpanzee website illustraiton footer web design
    View Footer Illustration
    Footer Illustration
  10. Grant Burke Website hero image header illustration modern black and white chimpanzee portfolio freelance designer hand drawn website illustration web design
    View Grant Burke Website
    Grant Burke Website
  11. Prairie Pirate Gose character design beer bottle old west bandit horse rustic brewery illustration cowboy pirate prairies beer label
    View Prairie Pirate Gose
    Prairie Pirate Gose
  12. Prairie Pirate #3 beer label river raft brewery illustration goose moonlight old west cowboy pirate prairie
    View Prairie Pirate #3
    Prairie Pirate #3
  13. Gooderham House Crocodile logo design logo school house illustration alligator icon character mascot design crocodile
    View Gooderham House Crocodile
    Gooderham House Crocodile
  14. Arthur Bishop House Wolf mascot character illustration logo icon characterdesign logo design beast mascot wolf logo
    View Arthur Bishop House Wolf
    Arthur Bishop House Wolf
  15. Arthur Bishop House Bandit Mascot cowboy robber illustration western icon logo character design mascot design bandit
    View Arthur Bishop House Bandit Mascot
    Arthur Bishop House Bandit Mascot
  16. Dean's House Knight school college sports illustration house mascot characterdesign mascot knight logo
    View Dean's House Knight
    Dean's House Knight
  17. Merritt North Panther Mascot school logo college animal icon cougar panther illustration character design mascot logo mascot
    View Merritt North Panther Mascot
    Merritt North Panther Mascot
  18. Burgoyne House Bear logodesign house logo icon grizzly bear mascot character college bear illustration mascot bear logo
    View Burgoyne House Bear
    Burgoyne House Bear
  19. Ridley House Mascots animals school college houses illustration logo design mascot logo mascots
    View Ridley House Mascots
    Ridley House Mascots
  20. Volant Cold Brew Coffee personality script coffee shop series product design cold brew packaging package design coffee
    View Volant Cold Brew Coffee
    Volant Cold Brew Coffee
  21. Comrade Brewing Crowler illustration brewery ussr label design beer can hops soviet comrade crowler
    View Comrade Brewing Crowler
    Comrade Brewing Crowler
  22. Grafite Products hexagon g monogram branding tech developer product software logo design
    View Grafite Products
    Grafite Products
  23. Grafite Logo space badge g monogram hexagon tech modern wordmark logotype logo developer graphite
    View Grafite Logo
    Grafite Logo
  24. Owl in a Towel branding tree nature modern illustration brand identity cosmetics owl logo design
    View Owl in a Towel
    Owl in a Towel
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