1. CRM Adding Customers

  2. Retail CRM

  3. Gamefied Leaderboard = profile page of Bridge Tasker

  4. Feasterbunny loop a closer look

  5. Experimenting Edge to edge phone concept

  6. Cookbook intro made out of invision studio

  7. Splash screen intro for Bridge Task

  8. Playoff! Dribbble Sticker Pack -Stamp

  9. Chat Transcation For Finianclials App

  10. Desk-less web app singup process

  11. Filter Redesign

  12. Dribbble Invite Give Away

  13. Groceries app - Esater Bunny

  14. Conversation UI Boast Configuration Flow

  15. Bridge Tasker- Students app home screen animation WIP

  16. Recipe Screen

  17. UX for Groceries- AListing page Design

  18. Boast JD creation application flow

  19. Onboarding screen for Deskless collaboration app

  20. Work in progress of collaboration app for Deskless workforce app

  21. Login engagement Interaction - Students intern app

  22. SEC Financial application Dashbaord

  23. Bridge Tasker- Students Industry Bridge App

  24. Assign Task screen Rapid Prototyping

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