1. Puree Nut Label Layout nut butter color identity brand typography logotype nutrition homemade simplicity food branding branding label packaging jar packaging packaging peanut butter nut branding
    View Puree Nut Label Layout
    Puree Nut Label Layout
  2. Mel's Atelier minimalist logo minimalism simplicity packaging design custom typography custom lettering letter m logo monogram logo letter mark monogram m logo custom type logotype typography jewellery logo jewellery branding
    View Mel's Atelier
    Mel's Atelier
  3. DaVien Main Logo logotype calligraphy logo typography brand identity packaging iced tea california dessert shop cafe logo cafe branding ice cube illustration vietnamese coffee iced coffee illustration brand branding
    View DaVien Main Logo
    DaVien Main Logo
  4. N&G Wedding Invitation logotype typography packaging simplicity minimalism warm tones monogram letter mark monogram logo monogram warm colors weddings simple design wedding invite wedding card wedding invitation wedding
    View N&G Wedding Invitation
    N&G Wedding Invitation
  5. Puree Nut Icon label packaging hazelnut peanut istanbul packaging design puree homemade simple logo brand identity packaging nut icon food packaging nut butter nut typography logotype design visual simplicity branding
    View Puree Nut Icon
    Puree Nut Icon
  6. Your Hand Bags Main Logo icon design simplicity logotype visual minimalism minimalist logo brand identity label packaging packaging colorful colors color green handmade bag branding bag istanbul handcrafted key illustration key icon
    View Your Hand Bags Main Logo
    Your Hand Bags Main Logo
  7. Peanut Butter Packaging branding simplicity design peanut visual design patisserie paris typeface minimalist logo soft colors color brand identity food branding label packaging food packaging nut butter packaging peanut butter
    View Peanut Butter Packaging
    Peanut Butter Packaging
  8. Cocodema Label Packaging lifestyle brand visual monogram logo logotype plant icon brand identity bottle label bottle label packaging branding plants plant illustration sustainable greenery green floral botanic botanical plant based plant
    View Cocodema Label Packaging
    Cocodema Label Packaging
  9. Plant Care Card plant brand green logo seaweed japanese art japanese plant gardener planter vector illustration card design care card brand identity marimo planting cocodema botanical simple logo plant illustration plant illustration minimalism
    View Plant Care Card
    Plant Care Card
  10. Brunch & Coffee Menu visual identity business card menu card house of muse identity branding packaging minimalism logotype simplicity cafe menu coffee brand coffee branding cafe branding menu design brunch menu
    View Brunch & Coffee Menu
    Brunch & Coffee Menu
  11. Limosa Jewellery business card design business card jewelry design jewelry logo jewellery burgundy bird illustration bird icon bird logo limosa logotype typography visual design simplicity branding
    View Limosa Jewellery
    Limosa Jewellery
  12. House of Muse Billboard graphic design fika stockholm sweden cafe branding cafe logo coffee branding swedish fika house of muse billboard design billboard identity logotype typography visual design simplicity branding
    View House of Muse Billboard
    House of Muse Billboard
  13. Mag Studio Logo design simplicity logomark monogram logo monogram letter m letter m logo line drawing icon design visual identity visual design brand identity branding architectural mag studio arcade architect architecture
    View Mag Studio Logo
    Mag Studio Logo
  14. House of Muse Coffee Label icon house of muse typography visual design simplicity branding color house blend graphic illustration graphic design swedish fika coffee packaging label packaging label coffee shop coffee
    View House of Muse Coffee Label
    House of Muse Coffee Label
  15. Grain Chocolate Spread typography logo graphic simplicity identity logotype typography visual design bitter belgium chocolate packaging chocolate branding chocolate branding
    View Grain Chocolate Spread
    Grain Chocolate Spread
  16. Minimal Illustration Series illustration design illustrator illustration art graphic art graphic design design color minimalist archigraphix illustrations vector packaging tomato soup minimalism simplicity visual illustration tomatoes tomato
    View Minimal Illustration Series
    Minimal Illustration Series
  17. Beer Label & Packaging simple logo illustration vector logotype brand identity visual design beer branding beer logo color palette label design label packaging beer bottle beer label estonian craft brewery craftbeer
    View Beer Label & Packaging
    Beer Label & Packaging
  18. Cocodema Main Logo lifestyle brand greenery green logo plant based cocodema plant logo plant atelier plant illustration plant color identity packaging brand logotype typography simplicity branding
    View Cocodema Main Logo
    Cocodema Main Logo
  19. Menu Design for Lidyalı simplicity visual logotype brand minimalism typography coffee menu coffee shop branding editorial design dinner time breakfast menu cafe menu cafe branding menu design
    View Menu Design for Lidyalı
    Menu Design for Lidyalı
  20. Beer Illustration visual identity design visual identity beer packaging circle logo packaging beer label minimalism beer bottle design beer illustration beer branding beer illustration visual branding
    View Beer Illustration
    Beer Illustration
  21. Swedish Fika business card package design branding design symbol house icons muse house of muse coffee shop swedish fika color packaging minimalism logotype typography visual simplicity design branding
    View Swedish Fika
    Swedish Fika
  22. Stamp +  Shopping Bag atelier sustainable airplant greenery plants craft bag shopping bag stamping logotype branding design cocodema plant logo plant logo design stamp design stamp typography simplicity design branding
    View Stamp + Shopping Bag
    Stamp + Shopping Bag
  23. Limosa Brand Identity logotype illustration minimalistic typography gold foil burgundy branding identity visual identification jewellery brand jewellery logo visual identity limosa bird illustration bird icon bird logo simplicity branding
    View Limosa Brand Identity
    Limosa Brand Identity
  24. Ibex Adventure Club Logo option No.2 adventure logo logo animal art animal character adventure club animal illustration animal icon illustration visual simplicity animal logos animal logo design ibex animal logo minimalism branding
    View Ibex Adventure Club Logo option No.2
    Ibex Adventure Club Logo option No.2
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