Behance Project

May 25, 2017

'Sup guys I finally decided to get on behance! My first case study is about the betta project. If anyone of you guys enjoyed the betta shots, than go and check out the case on behance! MY FIRST BEHANCE PROJECT Also i would really appr...

Betta Breathing

May 23, 2017

'Sup Guys Here's the last screen of the mini site i've been working on. It was a fun experiment working with some awesome imagery and trying out some serif fonts & animations. Hope you guys liked the project. Have an awesome day!

Menu Animation

May 22, 2017

'Sup Guys Here's a menu animation of the betta project i'm working on in my spare time. In the menu the user can navigate through the different sections in the site. There's also some about information, social links & some links. H...

Betta Origin

May 19, 2017

Hey guys Here's another shot of the betta project i'm working on. Hope you guys like it, it's just an experiment, trying out some new styles. Any suggestions are always more than welcome! Have a great weekend! Peace

Betta Facts

May 11, 2017

'Sup guys Here's another screen form the betta project i'm working on. FULL VIEW ATTACHED Hope you guys like it! Have a great day! Peace

Betta About

May 08, 2017

'Sup Guys New week, new shot. Here's an about section for a personal project i'm working on around the betta fish. It's just for practice. FULL VIEW ATTACHED More to come of this project, hope you guys like it. Have a great week! P...


May 01, 2017

'Sup Guys Working on a project in my free time. No client, no budget, just good ol' fun. Feels great trying out some new styles! Got a whole lot more of this project coming! Hope you guys like it. Have a great week everyone! Peace

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