1. DoMee Interface Step One

  2. DoMee Interface

  3. Poly me

  4. Everything is context & Context is everything

  5. Patient selection flow for an iPad app

  6. Patient list for an iPad app

  7. Origami logo

  8. Daily Banana

  9. Visualizing

  10. A first idea of Above the fold Logo

  11. Infographic and footer for T-Block website

  12. Layout for T-Block website

  13. Typography quote

  14. Sketching a website

  15. Pie graph for an health care app

  16. Cerca In Toscana

  17. Typo and Buttons for Aruba Experimental Project

  18. Aruba Work In Progress

  19. Thanks Janna Hagan

  20. Personal restyling of Aruba Web Hosting Logo

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