1. macOS Big Sur Icons app apple big sur calculator dock figma ios 14 macos maps messages os settings
    View macOS Big Sur Icons
    macOS Big Sur Icons
  2. ClassPass Onboarding app classpass fitness framer ios iphone x map onboarding prototype walkthrough
    View ClassPass Onboarding
    ClassPass Onboarding
  3. Classpass Live Web classpass design fitness hero landing page layout live video web web design
    View Classpass Live Web
    Classpass Live Web
  4. ClassPass Live opening animation branding intro logo logo animation motion opening tv
    View ClassPass Live opening animation
    ClassPass Live opening animation
  5. Boomerang - Origami Studio boomerang camera gif instagram origami origami studio prototype
    View Boomerang - Origami Studio
    Boomerang - Origami Studio
  6. iOS Safari - Origami Studio facebook ios blur navigation bar origami studio sticky header
    View iOS Safari - Origami Studio
    iOS Safari - Origami Studio
  7. Principle - Material Design android animation material design principle prototype ui
    View Principle - Material Design
    Principle - Material Design
  8. Pigeon avatar bird flat icon illlustration nyc pigeon
    View Pigeon
  9. Chrome iOS with Origami animation app chrome google ios material design origami prototype pull to refresh quartz composer
    View Chrome iOS with Origami
    Chrome iOS with Origami
  10. Facebook Rooms with Origami animation facebook ios origami prototyping pull to close quartz composer
    View Facebook Rooms with Origami
    Facebook Rooms with Origami
  11. Google iOS animation app google ios material design origami quartz composer
    View Google iOS
    Google iOS
  12. iPhone 6 Sketch Template 750 x 1334 free illustration iphone 6 resources scalable sketch vector
    View iPhone 6 Sketch Template
    iPhone 6 Sketch Template
  13. Android Wear after effects android wear animation flat gif google illustration interaction material design
    View Android Wear
    Android Wear
  14. Feeling Lazy cat flat flower gif illustration lazy shadow window
    View Feeling Lazy
    Feeling Lazy
  15. kanvas logo app branding ios lettering logo typography wordmark
    View kanvas logo
    kanvas logo
  16. Magic Bacon on Threadless bacon breakfast egg happy illustration ride simple threadless
    View Magic Bacon on Threadless
    Magic Bacon on Threadless
  17. Bruce Lee [GIF] animation bruce lee flat game of death gif hero nunchakus pixel art
    View Bruce Lee [GIF]
    Bruce Lee [GIF]
  18. Magic Bacon Ride bacon breakfast egg happy illustration ride simple
    View Magic Bacon Ride
    Magic Bacon Ride
  19. Organic Rocket corn farm flat illustration orbit rocket space stars
    View Organic Rocket
    Organic Rocket
  20. Filthy Rich bill filthy flat green icon illustration minimal money paper rich toilet
    View Filthy Rich
    Filthy Rich
  21. Lion King animal branding crown diamond flat icon identity king lion logo mark minimal orange simple triangle vector wordmark
    View Lion King
    Lion King
  22. Chinese Zodiac Icons animals app badges boar chinese colorful cow dog dragon flat horse iconography icons illustration monkey mouse rabbit rooster sheep snake tiger vector zodiac
    View Chinese Zodiac Icons
    Chinese Zodiac Icons
  23. Ramen App Icon app bamboo bowl egg food icon ios japanese noodles photoshop pork ramen
    View Ramen App Icon
    Ramen App Icon
  24. Cheers app cognac glass gloss ice icon ios iphone photoshop rocks whiskey
    View Cheers
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