1. App Design Sheet identity brand guidelines app branding app design app iconset icons guidelines design sheet branding
    App Design Sheet
  2. Strengths simple icons lines line icons iconography icons icon retro bold
  3. Peebie & Friends community character art characterdesign characters mascot character mascot simple illustration line illustration illustration
    Peebie & Friends
  4. Make Something Beautiful pastel color blue pink gotham condensed typography lettering bold branding
    Make Something Beautiful
  5. Print Collection ecommerce craft museo sans blue and yellow booklets print bold branding
    Print Collection
  6. Be More You brand application photography frame condensed typography stylist bold yellow colour color 2018
    Be More You
  7. Property Developers - Landing Page property developers landing page frosted minimal modern green branding website
    Property Developers - Landing Page
  8. Vaughan & Blyth property developers gotham wordmarks shading ampersand logo construction branding
    Vaughan & Blyth
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