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The ideas, methods, people, teams and cultures behind designing meaningful digital products. A Funsize production, hosted by Anthony Armendariz.

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Funsize Hustle Dribbble Mikael Cho

October 11, 2016

Listen: From starting a company with his wife in the basement of his home to presenting his start-up company to a daunting crowd of Canadian angel investors, Mikael Cho of Crew and Unsp...

Hustle Podcast Ep. 50: Claudio Vallejo

October 07, 2016

Listen: Claudio Vallejo is a passionate Freelance Web-Designer and Front End Developer by way of Monterrey, Mexico. Beginning in the Baylor business school and through...

Hustle Podcast Ep. 49: Johnnie Hamn

September 27, 2016

Listen Here: - If you know anything about Funsize, you know we love to collaborate with a focus on customer and employee experience. Through his 16 years of hands-on design expe...

Hustle Podcast Ep. 48: Jules Ehrhardt

September 20, 2016

State of the Digital Nation 2016 (feat. Jules Ehrhardt) If you've played Monument Valley then you've seen a slice of the ustwo pie. Three years ago, ustwo explored the state and future of the digital consultancy industry, posing the que...

Hustle Podcast Ep. 47: Dann Petty

September 15, 2016

@Dann Petty is a full-time freelancer and is known around the world for his skill and encouraging personality. If you've seen HBO's Silicon Valley, Google, Airbnb, Uber, Medium, Boosted Boards and Luxe Valet; then there's a chance you've...

Hustle Podcast Ep. 46: Tony Sanchez

September 08, 2016

Screen Printer to Screen Designer (feat. Tony Sanchez) Tony Sanchez, Product Designer at Funsize discusses his career path journey from textile design, to print, to screen printing, to digital product designer. Anthony and Tony talk abo...