1. Castle Clicker City Builder Tycoon icon design by fracturize

  2. Custom Darth Chewie pin design by Fracturize

  3. Fracturize Wolverine Pin Design

  4. Tasmanian devil

  5. Marvin pin design by fracturize

  6. Cosmo and Wanda pin design by Fracturize

  7. WIP Custom xbox Controller by Fracturize

  8. Custom Logo for streamer by fracturize

  9. Motorcycle Helmet custom paint wip by fracturize

  10. Mobile Game UI by Fracturize

  11. sleepy scifi dude :D by fracturize

  12. Character for Mobile Isometric Game by Fracturize

  13. buildings structures for a game by fracturize

  14. Wookie Vader sketch by Fracturize

  15. Dragon Fracturize Dragonrider Lady Illustration Fra

  16. Prayers saved my life Tshirt lettering by fracturize

  17. Login / Signup screen for mobile game by fracturize

  18. Ironman daily sketch by Fracturize

  19. Tesla electro djing mode XD daily sketch by fracturize

  20. Arkham Knightish :D Zbrush sketch

  21. Mummyvader..something is cooking :D

  22. Octopus squidly daily fun 02 by fracturize

  23. Lion king daily fun by fracturize

  24. to Infinity ! :D

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