1. Smileys font awesome love nerd disguise icon emoji
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  2. Icon Pattern design code vector pattern font awesome icons
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    Icon Pattern
  3. Household Icons smart home household symbols icons icon
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    Household Icons
  4. Science Fiction + Space Icons science fiction space symbols icon icons
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    Science Fiction + Space Icons
  5. Music, Tech, and Western Icons western tech skull polaroid guitar icon music font awesome
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    Music, Tech, and Western Icons
  6. Duotone Icons illustration symbols icon icons
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    Duotone Icons
  7. Hot Icon Shirt parody shirt icons rooster sriracha
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    Hot Icon Shirt
  8. Bus symbol duotone gradient bus vector icon icons
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  9. Icons, Icons, and More Icons symbols vector icons
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    Icons, Icons, and More Icons
  10. Illustrated Header header icons font awesome
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    Illustrated Header
  11. U.S. Election Day Footer illustration vote election font awesome theme theming footer
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    U.S. Election Day Footer
  12. Vote! elections font awesome political vote icons
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  13. Political Icons font awesome flag poll vote protest icons politics
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    Political Icons
  14. Automotive Category icon wheel oil tire crash truck gas car
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    Automotive Category
  15. Education Category school shapes laptop icons education
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    Education Category
  16. Maps Category traffic route compass polygon layers map icons
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    Maps Category
  17. Medical Category Updates brain microscope lungs teeth icons medical
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    Medical Category Updates
  18. Emoji Category frown font awesome smiley emoji icons
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    Emoji Category
  19. Design Category pen stamp paint palette swatch font awesome icons design
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    Design Category
  20. Travel Category swimming luggage spa hotel font awesome travel icons
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    Travel Category
  21. Most Requested Icons church store icons gas pump robot infinity skull font awesome
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    Most Requested Icons
  22. Users Category graduate ninja astronaut icons font awesome users
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    Users Category
  23. Chat Category smileys conversation icons chat font awesome
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    Chat Category
  24. Moving Category route box storage moving font awesome
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    Moving Category
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