1. Girl with a ghost lines mystyle cleandesign smiledesign linestyle inspiration challenge drawing design art ui design design style procreate face clean minimal illustration character girl ghost
    Girl with a ghost
  2. Picture minimalist design lines linestyle style illustration 2d ui design character design colors procreate woman people face clean illustration character challenge design art design minimalism minimal
  3. Woman with a smartphone phone 2d art ui design contact flat design flat clean minimal face question mark exclamation mark conversation character design design character style colors illustration man women
    Woman with a smartphone
  4. Online meet ui ux flat design illustration 2d art character design design character fochacz conversation diagrams work people ui deisgn flat minimal man woman website ui web meeting
    Online meet
  5. Graph style man clean illustration face fochacz diagrams board tablet energy ui ux web 2d design 2d art flat  design flat character design design minimal graph design graph ui
  6. Teamwork clean design ui design design colors face clean minimal work working character design team procreate people office illustration flat design flat character characters teamwork
  7. Hello Dribbble! first shot debut halloween girl character hello dribble illustration
    Hello Dribbble!
  8. Funny Faces 🤩 ui ux design clean design design clean fochacz avatar vectorart vector artwork expression people minimal art minimal line art illustration 2d illustration faces cute character design character
    Funny Faces 🤩
  9. People listen music 🎧 happy fochacz colors 2d art clean design character design face minimal headphones characters flat design flat style ui design illustration men women people music
    People listen music 🎧
  10. Woman with a phone procreate hair contact circle triangle exclamation mark question mark illustration woman phone face shopping conversation clean minimal people girl colors woman illustration character
    Woman with a phone
  11. Family 02 fochacz girl character design minimalism procreate family illustration illustration character hair face minimal colors clean boy man woman people home family love
    Family 02
  12. Rebellious Girl 😈 ui design oranges mint clean design illustration 2d woman face clean character illustration minimal style style texture style art minimal art minimal design art character design character art character drawing
    Rebellious Girl 😈
  13. Couple - Conversation minimalist ui desgin illustration 2d flat design character art design art style couple man design colors procreate woman face people clean minimal illustration character conversation
    Couple - Conversation
  14. Father & Son flat design minimal ui design fochacz heart website ui web people man illustration love home father family son children child character baby
    Father & Son
  15. Girl with a hat smile style ui design minimal linework linestyle lines line art illustration hat happiness girl face design clean design clean character design character art character buildings
    Girl with a hat
  16. Shopping woman hair procreate ttriangle circle thinking hat contact conversation face phone colors woman illustration minimalism people girl illustration character clean minimal woman
    Shopping woman
  17. Shopping man illustration character design store shelves shopping cart cans circle triangle design minimalism clean minimal colors procreate illustration character boy man face people shopping
  18. Woman scanning product in store minimalism hair character design shopping contact face woman illustration minimal girl colors procreate illustration woman clean phone people character conversation scan application
    Woman scanning product in store
  19. Mother's Day draw fochacz lines illustration character clean children woman boy home face minimal family parent happiness son love heart mother mothersday
    Mother's Day
  20. Running health wheel running lines procreate woman minimal fochacz face colors illustration people character clean design clean train activity sport girl jumping
  21. Family girl illustration man illustration woman illustration family illustration hair face boy girls man family minimalism clean minimal people girl colors woman procreate illustration character
  22. Chef colors job uniform texture fat illustration dinner eat food restaurant people meat man kitchen minimal clean cook character boy chef
  23. Lake girl illustration 2d design art ui design style art style water summer plants lake happy design character design girl colors woman face clean minimal illustration character
    Lake girl
  24. Gangsta Girl happy style fochacz people colors character design character design uidesign clean face music minimal illustration flat design flat 2d art headphones girl gangsta
    Gangsta Girl
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