1. Settings for Mobile App select input light bright account purple theme white app settings ui profile notifications settings ios mobile app mobile
    View Settings for Mobile App
    Settings for Mobile App
  2. Verification for Students App onboarding icon ios app pending waiting success gray id card passport verified mobile app purple icons illustrator ui design verify verification illustration ios
    View Verification for Students App
    Verification for Students App
  3. Contact Form Exploration webdesign web website questions inputs tags select chips black white dark simple services black and white modern contact page contact us forms form contact form contact
    View Contact Form Exploration
    Contact Form Exploration
  4. Firefighters Icon Set car truck dashbard toolbox checklist board notification flag germany colorful bold fireart icons illustration icon set icon fire firefighter
    View Firefighters Icon Set
    Firefighters Icon Set
  5. Contact Form agency blue modern website cta form design contact page contact us form contact
    View Contact Form
    Contact Form
  6. Mobile Navigation web navigation burger menu white mobile popup
    View Mobile Navigation
    Mobile Navigation
  7. Dropdown Navigation Menu navigation web simple blue logos icons list dropdown menu dropdown ui menu products dropdown
    View Dropdown Navigation Menu
    Dropdown Navigation Menu
  8. Pricing Table web ui illustration design website pricing table pricing page pricing
    View Pricing Table
    Pricing Table
  9. Homepage Hero dark blue homepage ui landing page homepage website illustration sunrise
    View Homepage Hero
    Homepage Hero
  10. Solutions Landing Page agency simple web design webdesign solutions product illustration clean modern blue website web design
    View Solutions Landing Page
    Solutions Landing Page
  11. Homepage for Development Agency webdesign modern web design sunrise illustration dark blue header hero website homepage ui homepage web
    View Homepage for Development Agency
    Homepage for Development Agency
  12. Newsletter Sign up CTA sign up signupform sign newsletters webdesign website web green cta button field email signup newsletter call to action cta dark branding ui
    View Newsletter Sign up CTA
    Newsletter Sign up CTA
  13. Awareness Campaign Landing Page Mobile green dark header video colors icons ui webdesign web websites website iphone mobile reponsive
    View Awareness Campaign Landing Page Mobile
    Awareness Campaign Landing Page Mobile
  14. Foodwaste Awareness Campaign Landing Page illustration actions list numbers steps header video website dark web ui activism campaign action
    View Foodwaste Awareness Campaign Landing Page
    Foodwaste Awareness Campaign Landing Page
  15. Setup Wave — Logo brand identity brand design logomark icon logo clean minimal simple white black brand minimalism dark theme page instagram wave branding
    View Setup Wave — Logo
    Setup Wave — Logo
  16. Schranner Negotiation Podcast Cover coat of arms iconography podcast art podcasts podcasting cover design covers black green cover art cover artwork album art music audio microphone dark icon podcast cover
    View Schranner Negotiation Podcast Cover
    Schranner Negotiation Podcast Cover
  17. Call-To-Action Components Overview call to action cta podcast newsletter book modern green black webdesign module block system grid component web ui
    View Call-To-Action Components Overview
    Call-To-Action Components Overview
  18. Facts & Figures Animation for Website dark theme dark simple gradient dotted map world greens green brand figures facts numbers chart animation webdesign web ui
    View Facts & Figures Animation for Website
    Facts & Figures Animation for Website
  19. Interactive Chart Animation branding webdesign sliders website interactive animations 2d animate animation modern gray green circle diagram pie chart slider web ui
    View Interactive Chart Animation
    Interactive Chart Animation
  20. Newsletter Popup for Corporate Website field input select form sign up form mobile dark app black  white blackandwhite dark dark mode popup sign up newsletter green black dark theme
    View Newsletter Popup for Corporate Website
    Newsletter Popup for Corporate Website
  21. Mobile Screens for Schranner ui brand modern elegant event education webdesign web blackandwhite light white green negotiation learning
    View Mobile Screens for Schranner
    Mobile Screens for Schranner
  22. 12 Numbers Logo one two icon brand gradient overlay 3d shapes geometric simple blue yellow orange corporate identity branding logo numbers 2 1
    View 12 Numbers Logo
    12 Numbers Logo
  23. Subpages chart overview simple marketing webdesign gray white black and white green subpages website
    View Subpages
  24. Testimonials Component Exploration section feedbacks light exploration landing page uidesign web ui component feedback testimonial testimonials
    View Testimonials Component Exploration
    Testimonials Component Exploration
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