1. Tetra transcript white highlights notes meeting ai transcript minimalism clean ui ux
    View Tetra transcript
    Tetra transcript
  2. Tetra icons artificial intelligence keywords accuracy speed black red minimal simple clean icons ai tetra
    View Tetra icons
    Tetra icons
  3. Tetra dial and on-call white notes hint dial call minimalism clean product ui ux
    View Tetra dial and on-call
    Tetra dial and on-call
  4. Burnrate iOS concept red white interface experience burnrate product fintech mobile app ios ui ux
    View Burnrate iOS concept
    Burnrate iOS concept
  5. Trademark searching tool trademark search dashboard green white minimalism clean visual app product ui ux
    View Trademark searching tool
    Trademark searching tool
  6. Runway - landing page homepage planning cash radar product homepage ltse runway marketing website landing page ui ux
    View Runway - landing page homepage
    Runway - landing page homepage
  7. Fast409A - landing page homepage ux ui website san francisco illustration valuation bay area clean marketing minimal homepage landing page
    View Fast409A - landing page homepage
    Fast409A - landing page homepage
  8. Captable.io - visual exploration white clean minimal uxxx investment stock desktop tool captable visual ui ux
    View Captable.io - visual exploration
    Captable.io - visual exploration
  9. Captable.io - landing page homepage landing page homepage minimal marketing clean geometry captable website ui ux
    View Captable.io - landing page homepage
    Captable.io - landing page homepage
  10. YouLend - landing page minimal growth bank finance loan fintech marketing page landing ui ux
    View YouLend - landing page
    YouLend - landing page
  11. AirHelp - claim detail minimalism white dashboard breakdown detail claim flights desktop product ui ux
    View AirHelp - claim detail
    AirHelp - claim detail
  12. AirHelp Pro - Purchase confirmation airport share pilot flight minimal clean purchase pro confirmation welcome ui ux
    View AirHelp Pro - Purchase confirmation
    AirHelp Pro - Purchase confirmation
  13. AirHelp app - Claim flow airhelp white minimal clean claims flights mobile product ui ux
    View AirHelp app - Claim flow
    AirHelp app - Claim flow
  14. App sidebar menu projects managment grey design clean sidebar menu app ui ux
    View App sidebar menu
    App sidebar menu
  15. AirHelp app 2.0 green white status form refund compensation flight ui ux mobile app airhelp
    View AirHelp app 2.0
    AirHelp app 2.0
  16. Portfolio - FilipSanta.com showcase purple green black minimal clean portfolio ui ux
    View Portfolio - FilipSanta.com
    Portfolio - FilipSanta.com
  17. AirHelp Pro - More info airport flight icons blue white clean info more landing ui ux
    View AirHelp Pro - More info
    AirHelp Pro - More info
  18. AirHelp Pro - landing page travel lounge airport delay flight minimal clean splash page landing pro airhelp
    View AirHelp Pro - landing page
    AirHelp Pro - landing page
  19. Inbox Scanner dashboard stats map compensation disruption delay flights minimal clean product ui ux
    View Inbox Scanner
    Inbox Scanner
  20. New filipsanta.com sneak peak showcase purple green black minimal clean portfolio ui ux
    View New filipsanta.com sneak peak
    New filipsanta.com sneak peak
  21. Calendar exploration hint search calendar airhelp claim flight mobile product ui ux
    View Calendar exploration
    Calendar exploration
  22. Compensation Claim Flow  white minimal clean login signup flight desktop product ui ux
    View Compensation Claim Flow
    Compensation Claim Flow
  23. Payout - step 1 steps choice minimal clean bar progress payout payment product ui ux
    View Payout - step 1
    Payout - step 1
  24. reepay - brand & coming soon page pay payments recurring card credit page landing logo brand reepay
    View reepay - brand & coming soon page
    reepay - brand & coming soon page
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