invstr — Real trading UX Flow

May 08, 2019

A few years ago we did a comprehensive user journey and UX flow for our friends from invstr, where we used DriveWealth API to create new upcoming big update of their app called ‘invstr real trading’. This new feature would allow for any ...

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invstr — Watchlist

July 18, 2017

Such a complex topic of stock trading needs a careful and thoughtful approach. These are some of the solutions we figured out for the invstr app. More details 👉🏻 attached.

Invstr tutorial 4

invstr — Tutorials

July 14, 2017

You are new to the world of investment? Do not worry, we got your back with these tutorials. 😇


invstr — Chat

July 02, 2017

Check out other perspectives, get more insights from communities and become a better invstr. More details 👉🏻 attached.

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Option 2 final

invstr — Feed

June 29, 2017

An unordinary feed. More details 👉🏻 attached.

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Final 4

invstr — Prediction Game

June 24, 2017

Predict the range of the future, try your Nostradamus skills and make 🤑. More details 👉🏻 attached.

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invstr — User Profile

June 16, 2017

Get to know other players, traders, personas, achievements, thoughts, people. This is invstr profile screen. More details 👉🏻 attached.

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invstr — Onboarding

June 07, 2017

Choose wisely, you don't have to pick your favorites, but the ones you believe you can predict the future for. 🔮 More details 👉🏻 attached.

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