1. Day App Tasks day planner schedule circles ui design web app design app design web app colorful auto-layout grid list inter inter font uiux ux ui sass organize tasks planner
    View Day App Tasks
    Day App Tasks
  2. Bricked Pesky Penguin marketplace pixel brick bricks magic eden brick lego blocks lego pesky penguins penguin pixel nft nft pixel art pixelart pixel
    View Bricked Pesky Penguin
    Bricked Pesky Penguin
  3. Futureswap Trading Platform web app invest blockchain eth dark fintech bitcoin wallet gradients crypto currency crypto graph exchange dex app design ux ui uiux stocks trading
    View Futureswap Trading Platform
    Futureswap Trading Platform
  4. SoFi Money Product Design banking bank finance app fintech finance money nucleo icons iphone app ui design app design ios app ios iphone sora font uiux ui ux branding product design
    View SoFi Money Product Design
    SoFi Money Product Design
  5. CryptoSneaks Series 3 digital product space grotesk cryptosneaks yeezy air jordan ethereum crypto sneaker art shoe art shoes kicks sneaks sneakers nft collection collection nft pixel nft pixel art jordans vans
    View CryptoSneaks Series 3
    CryptoSneaks Series 3
  6. Boxiz App - Marketplace nft ios app app store ios product design product grid diamonds gems circular font purple ui design app design store marketplace market sports uiux ux ui
    View Boxiz App - Marketplace
    Boxiz App - Marketplace
  7. Boxiz App - Live Scores nfl teal tabs mobile app design mobile app score table game design sports app circular font dark ui dark mode ui design app design ios app store game uiux ux ui
    View Boxiz App - Live Scores
    Boxiz App - Live Scores
  8. CryptoSneak 1020V Boot pixel nft pixelart pixel bright space grotesk ethereum orange giveaway wallpaper shoes crypto nft pixel art yeezy shoe sneaker
    View CryptoSneak 1020V Boot
    CryptoSneak 1020V Boot
  9. CryptoSneaks Website pixels space grotesk grid gallery shoes ethereum pixel art responsive web design rwd website design sneakers crypto nft website landing page
    View CryptoSneaks Website
    CryptoSneaks Website
  10. Boxiz Sponsored Game Board pill button box baseball sports game atlanta braves braves atlanta circular font numbers grid sports app ux ui ui design game game board app design app
    View Boxiz Sponsored Game Board
    Boxiz Sponsored Game Board
  11. Box Opening Sequence app design android ios teal blockchain nft gamification game coins glow circular font boxiz mobile app ux ui open
    View Box Opening Sequence
    Box Opening Sequence
  12. Macintosh Human Interface Principles (1992) vintage macintosh mac apple presentation slideshow euclid font euclid animation animated icons micro interaction interaction gradients gradient guidelines principles icons human interface human interface guidelines hig
    View Macintosh Human Interface Principles (1992)
    Macintosh Human Interface Principles (1992)
  13. Animated Icons animation line icons hig ui iconography interactive components figma icons
    View Animated Icons
    Animated Icons
  14. Rumble Like/Dislike Slider app design app mobile app sf pro slider status bar dislike uiux ux ui like video green micro interaction principle principle for mac animation
    View Rumble Like/Dislike Slider
    Rumble Like/Dislike Slider
  15. UserWise UI Components uiux icons calendar fields form menu bar graph atomic design styles ui kit kit buttons components modules widgets web app app design app design system ui
    View UserWise UI Components
    UserWise UI Components
  16. UserWise Authentication Screens ui design inter website inter font ui web app login form validation input field inputs quote blockquote testimonial geometric blue sign in sign up register authentication eina font
    View UserWise Authentication Screens
    UserWise Authentication Screens
  17. Around.co List View Concept window ux design ui design xdr monterey app around mac os gradient list ux ui
    View Around.co List View Concept
    Around.co List View Concept
  18. CryptoSneaks™️ Launch! pixels pixel sneakers nike cryptosneaks shoes 8-bit pixelart opensea nft crypto 8bit sneaks
    View CryptoSneaks™️ Launch!
    CryptoSneaks™️ Launch!
  19. Crypto👟 principle app pixel art pixels pixel motion crypto sneaker shoe identity branding logo animation cmyk ansi 8-bit 8bit multi-color multicolor
    View Crypto👟
  20. BlockFi App Redesign finance app mobile app design banking banking app financial app fintech app design mobile app app redesign ux ui gradient line graph graph blue cryptocurrency crypto finance
    View BlockFi App Redesign
    BlockFi App Redesign
  21. BlockFi App Redesign Concept finances banking app bank app banking finance app financial app gradient line graph mobile ui blue app design mobile app cryptocurrency crypto redesign graph finance product design ux ui
    View BlockFi App Redesign Concept
    BlockFi App Redesign Concept
  22. Business Loans Application web app ux ui mint drag and drop flow attachment input form application circle circular font dm serif dm serif display forms
    View Business Loans Application
    Business Loans Application
  23. Day App Concept task list sprint planning app design inter font list to-do drag and drop drag cards ui web app app
    View Day App Concept
    Day App Concept
  24. Northern Knives Rebrand hunting shackelton font termina font identity logo design presentation branding brand topographic forest green yellow knives knife internal logo
    View Northern Knives Rebrand
    Northern Knives Rebrand
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