1. Dessin couple self-portrait drawing
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  2. Colors hex code sass documentation colors styleguide
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  3. Blockquote Open button lennyface blockquote quote styleguide
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    Blockquote Open
  4. Alix styleguide documentation bookmarklet buttons button
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  5. Capture D  Cran 2015 10 30   17.48.36 bello-pro stickermule halloween
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    Capture D Cran 2015 10 30 17.48.36
  6. Prices table filters tabs table button push list product offer
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    Prices table
  7. Product page push tabs slider slideshow green red
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    Product page
  8. Product list with filters push product list filters checkbox sidebar
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    Product list with filters
  9. Tourism website homepage tourism sky blue green big slideshow
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    Tourism website homepage
  10. Home page home slide push red green asymetric wordpress
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    Home page
  11. ffoodd blog typography font blue red serif ligature
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  12. Links list list link icon icons widget block content green blue flat ui download files
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    Links list
  13. Header navigation search form header contact widget sidebar yellow orange blue green flat ui icons
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  14. Widgets widgets subscribe form newsletter pink palatino linotype
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  15. E-commerce pattern UI - 2 search login red blue badge hand pictos footer
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    E-commerce pattern UI - 2
  16. Navigation pattern retro navigation menu dropdown calibri blue vintage block ribbon
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    Navigation pattern
  17. E-commerce UI pattern basket cart add to button push category e-commerce retro calibri search blog login price blue red uppercase
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    E-commerce UI pattern
  18. Offre 1 product offer sidebar search list options breadcrumbs print download pdf
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    Offre 1
  19. Sidebar detail sidebar filter search pagination list light background
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  20. Liste 1 list pagination sidebar filter search arial
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    Liste 1
  21. Historique timeline history page sidebar navigation breadcrumb pink grey
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  22. Home beauty grren pink beauty cosmetic slideshow wordpress dropdown navigation slide header baseline
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    Home beauty
  23. Big'Ol'Buttons call to action button blue yellow icons palatino linotype gradient
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  24. High School7 home page high school blue yellow red focus buttons
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    High School7
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