1. Retail, Energy, Safety construction energy icons industry icons retail retail icon safety safety icon smart energy
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    Retail, Energy, Safety
  2. Search Adjustment clothing filters garment gif mobile refine search search adjustment shopping shopping app
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    Search Adjustment
  3. Fashion Icons - Batch1 dress fashion fashion icons freebie glasses hat icons jacket pants shirt shirts
    View Fashion Icons - Batch1
    Fashion Icons - Batch1
  4. Design Process avatar creative design gif girl icons labs lightbulb test
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    Design Process
  5. Travel Reimbursement App business travel commute food mobile receipts reimburse reimbursement app travel app travel documents travel reimburse
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    Travel Reimbursement App
  6. Time Management App application freebie mobile psd social media time management time monitor
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    Time Management App
  7. Redesign of video collections/bookmarks/tags card view mobile app profile video bookmarks video collections
    View Redesign of video collections/bookmarks/tags
    Redesign of video collections/bookmarks/tags
  8. Registry with A Co-buy Option co buy freebie gif gift invite registry widget
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    Registry with A Co-buy Option
  9. Apple Calendar Redesign apple calendar calendar calendar app freebie gif mobile app redesign swipe
    View Apple Calendar Redesign
    Apple Calendar Redesign
  10. Recipe App card view filters freebie gif ingredients mobile recipe sliders
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    Recipe App
  11. Ingredient Icons apple beef carrot chess egg fish flour food icons freebie ingredient icons poultry recipe
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    Ingredient Icons
  12. Carousel with 3D Rotation 3d 3d rotation animation carousel gesture gif mobile mobile app mobile interaction quick view
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    Carousel with 3D Rotation
  13. Glow Seahorse baby toy blue gif gift glow seahorse light light variation seahorse seahorse light
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    Glow Seahorse
  14. Utility Usage App electricity usage gas usage gif mobile app monthly usage usage usage rank utility usage water usage
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    Utility Usage App
  15. Profile avatar eyewink gif line icon me self portrait write on
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  16. 5.Writer Dashboard Thumbnail analysis bar chart charts dashboard data geo chart readers trend chart writers
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    5.Writer Dashboard Thumbnail
  17. Trophy after effects fold animation freebie gif grand winner trophy trophy icon
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  18. Consumption Dashboard consumption dashboard data data visualization demographics trend visualization
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    Consumption Dashboard
  19. Samurai avatar character gif samurai samurai warrior warrior
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  20. Ninja avatar character gif illustration ninja
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  21. Go to School backpack boy children girl go to school illustration school students teenager
    View Go to School
    Go to School
  22. Performance Meter freebie gauge gif meter animation performance meter range rating
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    Performance Meter
  23. First Shot avatar dribbble first shot gif invitation message thank you thanks
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    First Shot
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