Figma UI Components

June 10, 2020

Here is another detailed shot — UI components for vencortex. I've designed all components into Figma and now building whole dashboard UI into Angular! Press "L" if you like it. Vencortex Vencortex is a complete decision performance pl...

UI Components - Dashboard

June 08, 2020

Here are some of the UI components I've designed for Vencortex Dashboard. Press "L" if you like it. Vencortex Vencortex is a complete decision performance platform for the Intelligent Enterprise Our AI-powered Decision Performance Plat...

Sidebar Navigation - Vencortex

May 26, 2020

Hello Dribbblers 🙌🏻 In this project I followed 4px grid discipline after learning a lot from material design system, Here you can see how I defined grid layout structure for sidebar navigation for the dashboard. Vencortex Vencortex is ...

Sidebar Navigation - Vencortex

May 21, 2020

Hello Dribbblers 🙌🏻 I have been working on dashboard design, and I designed sidebar 3 colors variation, In the beginning, we liked a Purple [brand-color] alot, but later we found contract issue on heavy data screens, Purple was poping a ...

Project List UI Vencortex

May 19, 2020

Hello Dribbblers 🙌🏻 I am working on some of the fresh stuff... This is called project list, This screen where users will add their projects, User also can access quick statistics in the card like trending, performance & stages. Also...

Icon Set - AI Website

March 09, 2020

Icon Design for an upcoming new website. Currently, I am helping one of my clients Vencortex in creating and developing their new branding identity system, website design & dashboard. At the moment we are working on the new branding,...

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