1. Ol' Frankie G franklin gothic poster scad typography
    View Ol' Frankie G
    Ol' Frankie G
  2. Undostagram content system overhaul photos redesign site walkthrough ui ux
    View Undostagram
  3. Parking Map atl atlanta hotlanta hype hypepotamus incubator map parking parking map startup
    View Parking Map
    Parking Map
  4. Ticketing Homepage bootstrap green homepage omnibox omnisearch ticketing unused
    View Ticketing Homepage
    Ticketing Homepage
  5. Spark Final gaming spark splash ui ux website
    View Spark Final
    Spark Final
  6. Unused Homepage gaming gif homepage spark
    View Unused Homepage
    Unused Homepage
  7. Serenity Crew badass cant take the sky from me firefly pixel pixel characters serenity the black the verse
    View Serenity Crew
    Serenity Crew
  8. Baskerville Typeographic Poster baskerville font itc baskerville scad school type typeface typography
    View Baskerville Typeographic Poster
    Baskerville Typeographic Poster
  9. Snow-App Complete! app app complete design finished done need coffee party time snow time to sleep winter
    View Snow-App Complete!
    Snow-App Complete!
  10. FB Game UI facebook game ui user interface ux
    View FB Game UI
    FB Game UI
  11. Client First Look app blueprints design mockup first look flat iphone mockup
    View Client First Look
    Client First Look
  12. App Blueprints app wireframes blueprints flow diagram user studies ux wireframes
    View App Blueprints
    App Blueprints
  13. Another one bites the dust client rejected rejected ski slopes snowboard ui unused ux website winter
    View Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
  14. Squeekers The Game funny character game hamster hamster ball ipad scad squeekers
    View Squeekers The Game
    Squeekers The Game
  15. Location App along the way coffee finder flat flat ui gps iphone location
    View Location App
    Location App
  16. Reggscue! designer woes easter easter bunny game iphone iphone game late app
    View Reggscue!
  17. Hamster Blueprints blue prints blueprints game hamster ipad planning ui ux
    View Hamster Blueprints
    Hamster Blueprints
  18. Squeekers: Time Traveler digital painting hammy hamster scad squeekers time travel
    View Squeekers: Time Traveler
    Squeekers: Time Traveler
  19. Space Cases catalina childhood firefly los tin space nick nostalgia space cases star trek tv show
    View Space Cases
    Space Cases
  20. Easter Egg Saver app icon bunny easter easter bunny inemode ipad rabbit vector
    View Easter Egg Saver
    Easter Egg Saver
  21. McBessy Project danny farmer. dannyfarmer.me drawing mc bess mcbess micron nerdy pen
    View McBessy Project
    McBessy Project
  22. Paperwork Idea duty logbook folder green logbook military crap njp paperwork usmc
    View Paperwork Idea
    Paperwork Idea
  23. Ellipses Work angle grinder class drawing drawing class garage scad white charcoal
    View Ellipses Work
    Ellipses Work
  24. Xmas Card Sketch 2012 christmas christmas card collab with the wife xmas
    View Xmas Card Sketch
    Xmas Card Sketch
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