Fariz Maulana Style Theory by Fariz Maulana

Style Theory is fashion-tech company (Basically Netflix for Fashion) allow a user to rent items from top designer brands.

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Wishlist - Add to collection

March 04, 2019

💬Style Theory is fashion rent company. This design is to serve user who likes the item, so user be able to add it into their wishlist also add it into their specific collection. the design is already up! 📲You can download the app for fr...

🔱 Shipment Dashboard

December 18, 2018

📱🖥 Our platforms make it easier to handle a lot of shipment. Credits: Product designers: Fariz and Armas Presentation inspired by Uber for business

🚀 Internal Apps Components

September 27, 2018

a set of UI components from Styletheory internal apps that I worked on. creating a global components across projects and platform. You think you can improve it? Join with us careers@styletheory.co

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