1. Design Tokens blue design system grid health health care japanese wellness
    View Design Tokens
    Design Tokens
  2. Business Card business card design flat japanese pattern stripes typography 日本語
    View Business Card
    Business Card
  3. Transmute Email - Landing Page dark email marketing landing page ui saas design saas landing page
    View Transmute Email - Landing Page
    Transmute Email - Landing Page
  4. Design Ops - Dropbox branding design ops dropbox
    View Design Ops - Dropbox
    Design Ops - Dropbox
  5. Design Ops branding minimal playfair display space mono typography
    View Design Ops
    Design Ops
  6. Freelance & Parallel Works - Design Elements brand design elements geometric japanese purple typography uidesign
    View Freelance & Parallel Works - Design Elements
    Freelance & Parallel Works - Design Elements
  7. Freelance協会 - Card card colorful design system freelance geometic web design web service 日本語
    View Freelance協会 - Card
    Freelance協会 - Card
  8. Freelance協会 - Header header japanese landingpage typography 日本語
    View Freelance協会 - Header
    Freelance協会 - Header
  9. The Collective Magazine - Landing Page Design blue geometric geometric font japanese landing page magazine minimal newsletter design typography 日本語
    View The Collective Magazine - Landing Page Design
    The Collective Magazine - Landing Page Design
  10. Career Research - Find Job! branding japanese recruitment typography uidesign web design 日本語
    View Career Research - Find Job!
    Career Research - Find Job!
  11. Find Job! - Brand Renewal branding japan orange uidesign web design website 日本語
    View Find Job! - Brand Renewal
    Find Job! - Brand Renewal
  12. Career Guide card ui career japanese job typography 文字 日本語
    View Career Guide
    Career Guide
  13. Shuhari Typography bold design guide gilroy gradient style guide type typography work sans
    View Shuhari Typography
    Shuhari Typography
  14. Branch - Key Visuals dark ui platform social ui design video videoplayer web design
    View Branch - Key Visuals
    Branch - Key Visuals
  15. Branch - Exploration blue branding typography video app
    View Branch - Exploration
    Branch - Exploration
  16. Spectrum - Tokyo Creator Series blue branding geometric japan japanese logo design podcast prism tokyo
    View Spectrum - Tokyo Creator Series
    Spectrum - Tokyo Creator Series
  17. Balus - Design Style branding dark ui design system futuristic japanese lato minimal spacemono typography web design
    View Balus - Design Style
    Balus - Design Style
  18. Balus - xR Design Elements branding dark design system futuristic minimal neon web
    View Balus - xR Design Elements
    Balus - xR Design Elements
  19. The Collective agency branding japanese logo navy san serif wordmark
    View The Collective
    The Collective
  20. LAST東京 branding design system fashion
    View LAST東京
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