1. slow mornings flowers breakfast coffee reading 2dart illustrator illustration
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    slow mornings
  2. solo picnic primarycolors 2dart graphicdesign picnic illustrator illustration
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    solo picnic
  3. brekkie with chunks cat 2dart breakfast illustrator graphicdesign illustration
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    brekkie with chunks
  4. climber gal illustrator graphicdesign la sportiva bouldering climbing rock illustration
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    climber gal
  5. stay home pt.2 graphicdesign yoga cat illustration
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    stay home pt.2
  6. stay home quarantine cat illustration
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    stay home
  7. robot sushi sushi japan motion graphics gif animation illustration
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    robot sushi
  8. facial vanity motion graphics gif animation selfcare illustration
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  9. stretch gif selfcare yoga animation motion graphics illustration
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  10. shave selfcare animation shave gif motion graphics illustration
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  11. beanie gang fashion illustration
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    beanie gang
  12. reading reading lounging selfcare illustration
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  13. my chunky valentine cat valentinesday illustration
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    my chunky valentine
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