1. King and Country branding crown icon identity king knight logo sword warrior
    View King and Country
    King and Country
  2. Taylor Cash Photography hand lettering identity lettering logo photography wordmark
    View Taylor Cash Photography
    Taylor Cash Photography
  3. Glaze hair salon identity logo
    View Glaze
  4. Glaze branding g geometric icon identity leaf logo shapes
    View Glaze
  5. More Drawings birds cardinal daisies day lily drawing flowers graphite illustration mocking bird
    View More Drawings
    More Drawings
  6. Old Drawings bird coral dragon fly drawings handmade illustration pen and ink sand dollar sea sea shell squirrel turtle
    View Old Drawings
    Old Drawings
  7. Exploring branding g geometric icon identity leaf logo shapes
    View Exploring
  8. Taylor Cash 1 aperture branding brushpen camera hand lettered identity lettering logo photography typography
    View Taylor Cash 1
    Taylor Cash 1
  9. LED branding icon light logo wordmark
    View LED
  10. LEDeeeees badge circle icon light logo seal
    View LEDeeeees
  11. Waves and Particles light
    View Waves and Particles
    Waves and Particles
  12. Skull brushpen illustration poison skull
    View Skull
  13. Politics blah brush brushpen hand lettering lettering politics
    View Politics
  14. Snail VI envelope identity logo postmark shell snail
    View Snail VI
    Snail VI
  15. Snail V digital handle identity logo shell snail tag
    View Snail V
    Snail V
  16. Snail II envelope identity logo postmark shell snail
    View Snail II
    Snail II
  17. Snail identity logo shell snail
    View Snail
  18. Tools drawing hammer hatchet illustration ink pen sledge
    View Tools
  19. Table Rock S.C. drawing illustration ink letterpress mountains pen rock trees
    View Table Rock S.C.
    Table Rock S.C.
  20. Ink and Hammer Company branding hipster logo typography wordmark
    View Ink and Hammer Company
    Ink and Hammer Company
  21. Ink & Hammer Company WIP ampersand branding geared hipster logo typography wordmark
    View Ink & Hammer Company WIP
    Ink & Hammer Company WIP
  22. The Good Word bible god holy spirit icon identity jesus logo
    View The Good Word
    The Good Word
  23. Baker St. Bakers donut doughnut mystery sherlock
    View Baker St. Bakers
    Baker St. Bakers
  24. Claws and Effect bear bear paw claws dad joke grizzly icon identity logo pencil sketch
    View Claws and Effect
    Claws and Effect
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