1. Simple Illustrative CTA abstract simple lines wavy squiggles primary texture charley harper bug cta
    View Simple Illustrative CTA
    Simple Illustrative CTA
  2. Pixel Mania blocky block bit 8bit art color pixels
    View Pixel Mania
    Pixel Mania
  3. Save the Internet protest government live free browse internet web save neutrality net
    View Save the Internet
    Save the Internet
  4. Old Discard sea water typography interact drag simple airy light
    View Old Discard
    Old Discard
  5. Split-button Hover interaction discover hover button split
    View Split-button Hover
    Split-button Hover
  6. Night Scenery Concept etherial surreal cool glow night landscape discarded
    View Night Scenery Concept
    Night Scenery Concept
  7. An Interactive Features Concept expands pill organe randomize circle orbit orb floating nodes
    View An Interactive Features Concept
    An Interactive Features Concept
  8. Astronaut Illustration cadet floating net fat white space stars rocketman astronaut
    View Astronaut Illustration
    Astronaut Illustration
  9. JAMstack.org Refresh markup api javascript static jam light simple microsite watermark clean definition jamstack
    View JAMstack.org Refresh
    JAMstack.org Refresh
  10. What is JAMstack? markup api javascript static jam light simple microsite watermark clean definition jamstack
    View What is JAMstack?
    What is JAMstack?
  11. Typographic Lockup testimonial static hosting netlify type lockup simple sphero sneak peak studies study case
    View Typographic Lockup
    Typographic Lockup
  12. Netlify ♥ Open Source simple grid code clean plan pro free developer open source
    View Netlify ♥ Open Source
    Netlify ♥ Open Source
  13. Experimental Navigation Concept sharp clean grey black matte grids interaction diamond angular dark
    View Experimental Navigation Concept
    Experimental Navigation Concept
  14. So simple it's spoooooky! spooky moon tree bats silhouette interwebz simple halloween happy netlify
    View So simple it's spoooooky!
    So simple it's spoooooky!
  15. Simple Live Search grid typography thin intuitive airy light clean simple live overlay search
    View Simple Live Search
    Simple Live Search
  16. Careers/Jobs Page Concept recruiting recruit new cup simple angular airy light narrative coffee jobs careers
    View Careers/Jobs Page Concept
    Careers/Jobs Page Concept
  17. Landing Hero Concept (A/B Test) clean simple airy light test space desk laptop marketing hero landing skeuomorphic
    View Landing Hero Concept (A/B Test)
    Landing Hero Concept (A/B Test)
  18. Simple Parallaxing About Page clean simple airy pin about stats numbers light map layers parallaxing parallax
    View Simple Parallaxing About Page
    Simple Parallaxing About Page
  19. Simple Pricing Page enterprise global free basic code simple clean airy light cards tiers pricing
    View Simple Pricing Page
    Simple Pricing Page
  20. Brand Spankin' New Marketing Website for Netlify malala react gulp hugo jekyll middleman clean simple frameworks perspectival perspective tiles
    View Brand Spankin' New Marketing Website for Netlify
    Brand Spankin' New Marketing Website for Netlify
  21. Simple Book Cover Concepts print front silhouette yellow green lime black monochromatic simple concepts cover book
    View Simple Book Cover Concepts
    Simple Book Cover Concepts
  22. Surge Logo & Process Work final lightning bolt monochrome logo surge simple dimension study yellow charcoal white
    View Surge Logo & Process Work
    Surge Logo & Process Work
  23. Logo Legibility Survey logo lightning feedback shock readability legibility survey
    View Logo Legibility Survey
    Logo Legibility Survey
  24. Applauze Marketing music simple cover hero knockout parallax app animate animations apple android
    View Applauze Marketing
    Applauze Marketing
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