1. Challenge Mode brain training blue fun games invite request friends brain games challenge
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    Challenge Mode
  2. Cognito Login login identity brand rainbow mobile simple ui ux clean flat minimalist psd
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    Cognito Login
  3. Manufacture App isometric graphs enterprise app manufacture supply chain data visualization application software design ui interface mobile
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    Manufacture App
  4. Bank of America Mobile App bofa mobile ui bank iphone 5c ux red money minimalist login
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    Bank of America Mobile App
  5. Frosted Sweets Bakery logo bakery sweets frosted blue cupcake typography identity
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    Frosted Sweets Bakery
  6. Metrics dashboard charts production ui web application metrics graphs supply chain goals
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  7. Events Card ui mobile threat level escalate search filter supply chain side swipe share dismiss card
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    Events Card
  8. Pride Pages reviews identity pink ux rainbow logo ui visual design mobile directory lgbt search
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    Pride Pages
  9. Moore Ring Design brand classy logo identity business cards diamonds jewelry
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    Moore Ring Design
  10. Dial Soap soap website dialsoap ux clean blue ui dial product
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    Dial Soap
  11. Nike nike tablet ipad shoes visual design uiux illustration
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  12. Dribbble slam dunk
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