1. Podcast Cover media podcast cover artwork cover art cover
    View Podcast Cover
    Podcast Cover
  2. iOS Notifications on macOS ux ui podcast color icon motion animation design mac ios
    View iOS Notifications on macOS
    iOS Notifications on macOS
  3. Pinned Comments in 360° Photo ios social interaction framer design prototype animation ux ui comments
    View Pinned Comments in 360° Photo
    Pinned Comments in 360° Photo
  4. Notification Center Preview app ios design notification ux animation ui
    View Notification Center Preview
    Notification Center Preview
  5. Shiny Buttons light icons design ui blue circle pause play icon button glow shiny
    View Shiny Buttons
    Shiny Buttons
  6. Voice Memo App for Mac design red black ui apple iphone mac ios osx app memo voice
    View Voice Memo App for Mac
    Voice Memo App for Mac
  7. Apple Music - For You (Dark) color app mac osx white black cover album play dark music apple
    View Apple Music - For You (Dark)
    Apple Music - For You (Dark)
  8. Slide-Up Menu fab chat android ios white red ui flat design app menu
    View Slide-Up Menu
    Slide-Up Menu
  9. Light Switch App white android ui ios design red blue grey light app home
    View Light Switch App
    Light Switch App
  10. Shopping App and Menu green blue white android ios blur ui design icon sidebar menu app
    View Shopping App and Menu
    Shopping App and Menu
  11. Music App Sidebar menu interface white android ios design ui app blur music
    View Music App Sidebar
    Music App Sidebar
  12. Audio Messenger iphone icon ui color simple black blue red ios flat apple design
    View Audio Messenger
    Audio Messenger
  13. Video Message App profile map white blue ios android ui design apple location message video
    View Video Message App
    Video Message App
  14. iPad Lockscreen messages accounts notifications apps ui design interface lockscreen ipad ios
    View iPad Lockscreen
    iPad Lockscreen
  15. My take on iOS Icons Part 2 color simplicity watch safari maps message flat design icons apple
    View My take on iOS Icons Part 2
    My take on iOS Icons Part 2
  16. My take on iOS Icons mail reminders calendar photos apple design white red blue color icon ios
    View My take on iOS Icons
    My take on iOS Icons
  17. Siri Redesign black weather iphone white blur assistant siri ios apple
    View Siri Redesign
    Siri Redesign
  18. Video Sharing App android ios app social ui blue green black flat design sharing
    View Video Sharing App
    Video Sharing App
  19. Apple TV Music App blue green clean blur ui design flat tv music apple
    View Apple TV Music App
    Apple TV Music App
  20. Actionable Inline Previews blue preview content flat design messenger interface
    View Actionable Inline Previews
    Actionable Inline Previews
  21. Toggle Switch morph bounce white green fluid minimal flat ui frames animation switch toggle
    View Toggle Switch
    Toggle Switch
  22. Album Card player spotify apple music card flat green ui design
    View Album Card
    Album Card
  23. Alarm Clock clean simple switch ios circle color blur flat interface design
    View Alarm Clock
    Alarm Clock
  24. Simple Messaging App osx chat messaging white blue shadow design flat ui
    View Simple Messaging App
    Simple Messaging App
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