1. Notivate blur clean ios mobile app motivation notification notivate onboarding subscription
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  2. Next-gen interfaces ai animation ar artificial intelligence glasses graph interface motion prompt speech to text vr
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    Next-gen interfaces
  3. New Pages View documentation editor modal pages qatalog
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    New Pages View
  4. New portfolio canvas portfolio
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    New portfolio
  5. (o)kay dark mode kanban layout personal reminder task task management todo
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  6. Ahead ahead dark mode kandban layout productivity task to do
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  7. Qatalog onboarding ai animation business flow onboarding prompt qatalog software
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    Qatalog onboarding
  8. FontKraft
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  9. Portfolio v.3 article blog minimal personal website portfolio
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    Portfolio v.3
  10. Notifications activity layout notification notifications productivity qatalog sidebar work hub
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  11. New dashboards clean dashboard list list view qatalog table tidy workhub
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    New dashboards
  12. Smart widgets popup widget
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    Smart widgets
  13. Mio - the smart assistant illustration pack ai assistant character expressive future illustration illustration set mascot pose robot smart smart assistant
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    Mio - the smart assistant illustration pack
  14. Doodle elements design elements doodle elements hand drawn icon illustration vector
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    Doodle elements
  15. Hand drawn icons doodle hand drawn handmade icon design icon set iconography icons icons set iconset ink sketch sketchy
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    Hand drawn icons
  16. handmade feel handmade key visual landing page
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    handmade feel
  17. procreate lite app icon ios procreate redesign
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    procreate lite
  18. Smartbnb filters dashboard date dropdown filter host smartbnb
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    Smartbnb filters
  19. Smartbnb mobile experience app dashboard layout mobile responsive smartbnb
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    Smartbnb mobile experience
  20. Calendar app availability calendar calendar ui layout pricing reservation smartbnb timeline
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  21. Data breakdown breakdown clean conversion dashboard data host metric report smartbnb
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    Data breakdown
  22. monochrome layout gray layout monochrome web app
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    monochrome layout
  23. Notifications action comment mention notification notification center profile picture resolve
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  24. New rule detail page automation rule settings shortcode smartbnb ux
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    New rule detail page
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