October 22, 2018

me looking for cookies

La Frida

October 21, 2018

I'm alive here as a little Frida I tried to make a pumpkin out of this and failed.

Pizza time

February 01, 2018

decided to draw this little guy for the sticker mule pizza challenge.

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Monito Azteca

January 15, 2018

another day another sketch this was influenced by a picture my brother sent me from San Miguel de Allende

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January 14, 2018

life got a little nuts but continuing to challenge myself with illustrations! I see this little guy evolving with me in the future.

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Her sees you when your sleeping 👥

December 17, 2017

Draw draw draw and one day it will become a skill.

Gold Front

December 16, 2017

Learning to draw exploring styles using adobe draw.