1. Wrk - Dark Mode modern hiring system application app gradients gradient minimal clean dark ui applicant tracking system ats job board hiring simple theming night dark theme theme dark mode dark
    View Wrk - Dark Mode
    Wrk - Dark Mode
  2. Wrk - Marketing Site v3 homepage hiring hiring platform application applicant tracking system ats clean redesign marketing landing job post job board cheerful bright colors gradient minimal simple software team
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    Wrk - Marketing Site v3
  3. Truncated Tetrahedron sharp angles 3d basic tools tool simple lines orbit exploration branding brand mark stone geometry geometric shapes shape forms form
    View Truncated Tetrahedron
    Truncated Tetrahedron
  4. Uni shapes basic shapes lines line arcs waves geometric minimalism minimalist minimalist logo unicorns subtle clean plain simple minimal unicorn logo brand logo unicorn
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  5. Wrk + We Work Remotely job application application announcement integration api partnership job post job board applicant tracking system ats simple growth grow recruit recruiting recruitment hiring hire jobs job
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    Wrk + We Work Remotely
  6. Wrk - Marketing Site v2 team software simple minimal marketing landing recruiting job post job board job application hiring platform hiring growth black and white design clean build ats applicant tracking system application
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    Wrk - Marketing Site v2
  7. RmtWrk - v1.0 hiring low-contrast subtle simple clean interface job posting job post job portal job search job description job listing job board job dailyui dark app dark theme dark ui dark mode dark
    View RmtWrk - v1.0
    RmtWrk - v1.0
  8. Wrk - Applicant Tracking Dashboard ui interface app software simple minimal dashboard job post company job board job application hiring platform hiring growth clean build black and white ats applicant tracking system application
    View Wrk - Applicant Tracking Dashboard
    Wrk - Applicant Tracking Dashboard
  9. Wrk - Marketing Site job application job post job board build growth team applicaiton application software hiring platform applicant tracking system ats design minimal hiring landing marketing clean black and white simple
    View Wrk - Marketing Site
    Wrk - Marketing Site
  10. Wrk - Product Hunt web minimal clean simple black and white product design live application web app app company side project celebration v1 announce announcment launch wrk product product hunt
    View Wrk - Product Hunt
    Wrk - Product Hunt
  11. Tablespace: Coffee & Games geometric black and white identity clean brand identity gamestore game branding design coffeshop dnd d12 branding concept location store games simple logo idenity brand branding
    View Tablespace: Coffee & Games
    Tablespace: Coffee & Games
  12. Evolve - Desktop Customer Services events event dates account overview review task summary customer profile customer profile upcoming tasks monthly schedule service services scheduling calendar ui calendar
    View Evolve - Desktop Customer Services
    Evolve - Desktop Customer Services
  13. Evolve - Desktop Customer Summary map widget review overview balance information transaction status scheduling orders task schedule service account summary account user profile customer profile summary profile customer
    View Evolve - Desktop Customer Summary
    Evolve - Desktop Customer Summary
  14. Evolve - Desktop Reports Index nav navigation report services layout simple clean blue information service contents map reporting overview table lookup directory list reports index
    View Evolve - Desktop Reports Index
    Evolve - Desktop Reports Index
  15. Evolve - Desktop Form Builder wysiwyg widgets widget visual transaction service sections section receipt quote overview layout invoice information forms form builder form editor builder blue
    View Evolve - Desktop Form Builder
    Evolve - Desktop Form Builder
  16. Evolve - Desktop Scheduler chart service review graphic blue layout builder ui datepicker date task tasks timeline planner events dates time scheduler schedule calendar
    View Evolve - Desktop Scheduler
    Evolve - Desktop Scheduler
  17. Evolve - Desktop Quote Queue management system management customer management crm dashboard order service transaction quote pricing list task todo overview layout information detail customer clean blue
    View Evolve - Desktop Quote Queue
    Evolve - Desktop Quote Queue
  18. Evolve - Desktop Quote Detail blue customer service form detail order invoice checkout cart pricing quote builder purchase price transaction layout information overview review clean
    View Evolve - Desktop Quote Detail
    Evolve - Desktop Quote Detail
  19. Evolve - Mobile Login Page iphone mobile simple sign in screen sign in page sign in redesign login screen login page login form login landing page landing form design clean brand blues blue
    View Evolve - Mobile Login Page
    Evolve - Mobile Login Page
  20. Evolve - Desktop Login Page welcome page welcome design brand landing landing page sign in screen sign in page sign in login screen login form form login page log in login clean blues blue simple redesign
    View Evolve - Desktop Login Page
    Evolve - Desktop Login Page
  21. WRK HQ company white stark work logo jobs job grayscale geometric brand bold board black
    View WRK HQ
    WRK HQ
  22. RMTWRK - Email Subscriptions website overlay form sign up signup mail subscription clean email subscribe modal design ui interface app application layout flat light simple
    View RMTWRK - Email Subscriptions
    RMTWRK - Email Subscriptions
  23. RMTWRK - Job Post layout flat hosted remote online webpage website ui list listing work posting minimal light design simple clean post job board
    View RMTWRK - Job Post
    RMTWRK - Job Post
  24. 2018 digital 2018 year in review design landing website webpage branding brand logo crypto mobile application interface app clean simple
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