1. Spotify Integration Concept glass effect glassmorphism flat ui design minimal ios steps progress mobile video player fitness app concept spotify
    View Spotify Integration Concept
    Spotify Integration Concept
  2. Drod - 2020 Portfolio about projects contact webdesign wip dark theme dark mode minimal website portfolio
    View Drod - 2020 Portfolio
    Drod - 2020 Portfolio
  3. iPad Layout Kit v1.0 ui kit ipad layout split view slide over app design guidelines apple sketch tablet gui uikit navigation tabbar size mobile
    View iPad Layout Kit v1.0
    iPad Layout Kit v1.0
  4. Landing Page - Startup Concept illustration website uidesign typography freelance startup header minimalist clean landingpage web design
    View Landing Page - Startup Concept
    Landing Page - Startup Concept
  5. Fitness Website - Tablet View clean ui design minimal tags slider web profile calendar video player tablet workout fitness
    View Fitness Website - Tablet View
    Fitness Website - Tablet View
  6. 3D Logo illustration design dark minimal ui design branding render adobe dimension 3d logo
    View 3D Logo
    3D Logo
  7. Fernsehturm - Berlin illustration 3d art design prototype render pastel minimal berlin adobe dimension adobe 3d
    View Fernsehturm - Berlin
    Fernsehturm - Berlin
  8. Sign in with Apple google facebook sign in sign up form textfield dark mode minimal ui design onboarding social apple watch apple login
    View Sign in with Apple
    Sign in with Apple
  9. Concept - Pricing Screen Scroll ui animation interaction header scroll mobile app prototype wip invisionstudio invision price plan pricing
    View Concept - Pricing Screen Scroll
    Concept - Pricing Screen Scroll
  10. Floating Bottom Navigation light dark minimal clean prototype concept ux ui iphone ios ui design tabbar navigation mobile
    View Floating Bottom Navigation
    Floating Bottom Navigation
  11. Awwwards Young Jury 2020 app design jury ui design web design designers certificate awwwards
    View Awwwards Young Jury 2020
    Awwwards Young Jury 2020
  12. Fintech - Profile Concept banking balance uidesign minimal payment service product mobile uiux grid card detail finance profile fintech
    View Fintech - Profile Concept
    Fintech - Profile Concept
  13. Apple Wallet UI Kit v2.0 ui banking san francisco library components face id ui design sketch mobile ios apple watch gumroad wallet apple ui kit uikit
    View Apple Wallet UI Kit v2.0
    Apple Wallet UI Kit v2.0
  14. Drod - 2020 Portfolio Concept ui design fullscreen minimal black dark contact about workout projects restyle typography website portfolio
    View Drod - 2020 Portfolio Concept
    Drod - 2020 Portfolio Concept
  15. I'm 26! ๐ŸŽ‚ dribbble design bday typography numbers 26 confetti celebration birthday
    View I'm 26! ๐ŸŽ‚
    I'm 26! ๐ŸŽ‚
  16. Lifestyle App Concept ui design slider gym illustration ios tabbar navigation list filter search workout fitness lyfestyle card detail minimal app
    View Lifestyle App Concept
    Lifestyle App Concept
  17. Apple Wallet Free UI Kit components ui ios mobile face id apple sketch ui kit freebie free banking wallet app
    View Apple Wallet Free UI Kit
    Apple Wallet Free UI Kit
  18. Fitness App Concept card list detail ios uidesign gym workout fitness flat ui app mobile minimal
    View Fitness App Concept
    Fitness App Concept
  19. Training App Concept flat detail tabbar search ui pastel clean ui design mobile design minimal slider card training workout app
    View Training App Concept
    Training App Concept
  20. Travel App Concept design minimal photography berlin ui design ui card city tabbar detail slider color trip mobile travel app
    View Travel App Concept
    Travel App Concept
  21. Google Assistant Free UI Kit profile app design ui search voice dark mode ios mobile sketch freebie free assistant google ui kit
    View Google Assistant Free UI Kit
    Google Assistant Free UI Kit
  22. Banking App Concept flat balance account ui modal slider profile financial card wallet banking finance app minimal mobile
    View Banking App Concept
    Banking App Concept
  23. Charts color rounded card app minimal statistics ui bank graphic components ecommerce finance chart
    View Charts
  24. Color Playground dark minimal typography layout pattern gradient grid inspiration exploration combination colors color
    View Color Playground
    Color Playground
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