1. Ah ha!

  2. Everything was rattling, falling apart, and breaking.

  3. Climate Change

  4. This Day in (Totally Made Up) STAR WARS History: Dips Raymus ...

  5. The tracks in the snow were unlike anything Will had ever seen

  6. As she listened closely, she overheard them talking about her

  7. Character development

  8. The experiment worked!

  9. The neighborhood kids look like they’re up to something

  10. Look what I found!

  11. Superstition

  12. Dress Up

  13. Space boy (with his reluctant cat)

  14. Monster!

  15. When summer vacation goes wrong

  16. Oh, the MESSES we make!

  17. Maybe the old boss wasn't so bad

  18. Hanging out with your buddies

  19. Strange Pet

  20. Waiting Out The Storm

  21. Whaaaaaa?!

  22. What do monsters do when they get old? Retire?

  23. Space girl with her trusty sidekick

  24. Shoveling!

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