1. App Screens simple clean animated mock-up interactions mock-up app screens mobile shopping app user design user experience adobe xd
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    App Screens
  2. Create Account (Figma) figma colorful red geometric material gradients account sign-up
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    Create Account (Figma)
  3. App Screens user interface interface ui gradient glow ios audio player player minimal app blue
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    App Screens
  4. News Aggregator landing page material design material gradients ux ui boxes light aggregator posts articles news
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    News Aggregator
  5. Daily Ui #07 - 404 Page error 404 particles animation dark ux ui shadows material gradients circles dailyui
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    Daily Ui #07 - 404 Page
  6. Daily UI  #06 - Landing Page landing page circles type typography science dark ux ui shadows material gradients dailyui
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    Daily UI #06 - Landing Page
  7. Daily UI #05 User Profile gaming ux ui shadows minimal material login light gradients duotone daily ui dailyui
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    Daily UI #05 User Profile
  8. Daily Ui  #04 - Calculator user interface calculator purple pink shadows colorful vibrant gradients ux ui daily ui dailyui
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    Daily Ui #04 - Calculator
  9. Daily UI #03 - Sign Up signup daily ui login duotone minimal gradients light shadows material ux ui dailyui
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    Daily UI #03 - Sign Up
  10. Daily UI #02 - Product Page dark light ios app product product page material design shadows daily ui daily ux ui
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    Daily UI #02 - Product Page
  11. Daily UI #01 - Running App ios material design light vibrant bright colorful daily daily ui shadows gradients ui
    View Daily UI #01 - Running App
    Daily UI #01 - Running App
  12. HR Monitor Concept dark heart monitor glows shadows ux material design material gradients ui app heart rate
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    HR Monitor Concept
  13. Rebranding? 2017 redesign rebranding branding shaddow letters logo
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  14. Web Services outline mail hosting pay per click design branding ecommerce web icons services
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    Web Services
  15. Chart light clean bars ux ui user experience user interface lines graph chart
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  16. Secret Project lines screenshot light clean business apps agency creative agency secret project web design
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    Secret Project
  17. Nike Product Card dark yellow green shadows shoes material design product card product card nike
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    Nike Product Card
  18. Bar & Grill material design grid minimal glow shadows material restaurant food grill bar
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    Bar & Grill
  19. Dashboard ux web material flat concept ui analytics dashboard
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  20. Dribbble Invites x 2 after effects gif animation neon givaway invite dribbble invite
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    Dribbble Invites x 2
  21. Obi Wan Quote shadows obi wan jedi master jedi the force quote star wars clean material design
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    Obi Wan Quote
  22. Yoda Quote material the force quote funny yoda jedi jedi master star wars clean material design
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    Yoda Quote
  23. Vader Quote the force vader darth vader clean funny dark side star wars quote material design material
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    Vader Quote
  24. Iconic Minimalism-Infinity minimalism flat hourglass infinity icon iconic minimal
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    Iconic Minimalism-Infinity
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