1. Pharmacy of the future - mobile app concept

  2. PIMSTAR - PIM-integrated AR module for eCommerce

  3. Personalized car configurator concept

  4. Find your perfect vehicle - personalized car configurator

  5. Find the outfit in store - concept for fashion brands

  6. Consumer responsibility mobile app concept for CCC

  7. Neomorphism - a new challenge to UI designers and developers

  8. Payment finalization concept with facial recognition

  9. Smart home concept

  10. Content marketing Nike LeBron 17

  11. Visual search concept for supermarket chains

  12. E-commerce Product Page Video Interaction

  13. Checkout concept with Google Assistant

  14. AR Fashion Assist concept

  15. Revolutionary tracking system for supermarkets

  16. Revolutionary tracking system concept for Carrefour

  17. Samsung’s innovative zero food waste solution concept

  18. Mobile app concept for Carrefour preventing food waste

  19. Optimizing experience in store with the new UI design

  20. Online delivery system optimization concept for REWE

  21. Mobile App concept for Lidl with AI use

  22. PWA concept for Nude by Nature

  23. Medical app in PWA technology

  24. PWA e-Commerce Concept - Samsung Galaxy Fold

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