No beard pop cult

by Matthew Gallagher

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welcome great pumpkin

my entry for creature features "it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown" show. it opens this sunday at their gallery. the piece is 9X12 in a 10X13 frame. it i...

October 22, 2016

big muff

2nd in a series of classic stomp boxes. by request of my friend quarryboy at @IBM Design

September 03, 2016

ibanez tube screamer

this is the first in my series of stomp boxes. some classics, some legendary and some are my favorites. seems apropos the first in the series is the classic ...

August 20, 2016

doodle stormtrooper

start of a new order stormtrooper lunchtime doodle. sketch is shaping up ok. will polish up over the next couple of lunches.

July 07, 2016

wonka sketch

sketch for a painting for a roald dahl show at creature features gallery. i found out too late about the show and pushed to get done, but wasn't able to fini...

June 24, 2016

willy wonka

playing around a bit with one of my favorite actors in one of my favorite movies for a raold dahl show at creature features. hope i can finish in time for th...

June 09, 2016

wonka type sketch

working on an element for a painting for a roald dahl show later this month. i am hoping i can finish in time to deliver for the opening.

June 02, 2016


December 21, 2015