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  1. VietLeDuy VietLeDuy We’re hiring

    Việt Nam
    Im Việt and I am a Motion Graphics Designer Contact me at Or call me at +84 899 312 653 ...
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  2. SixtyTwo SixtyTwo We’re hiring

    San Francisco, Vancouver, Singapore, ...
    We are a group of digital product strategists & designers, driven to craft positive & impactful digital experiences. ...
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  3. Siddharth Arun Siddharth Arun We’re hiring

    London, UK
    Product Designer @Facebook. Fluent in HTML, CSS & Ruby. 80% hungry. But 100% foolish.
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  4. Ignacio Giri Ignacio Giri We’re hiring

    Puebla, Mexico
    Known as Nacho. Art Director, coder, typography geek, fine taster, daydreamer, musician, Seinfeld addict, Rosario Cen...
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