1. The Pink Elephant [Show] girl power pink podcasts script the pink elephant typography
    View The Pink Elephant [Show]
    The Pink Elephant [Show]
  2. RH Annual Report annual report book navy print textile typography
    View RH Annual Report
    RH Annual Report
  3. Frieden Font! block letter font design type design
    View Frieden Font!
    Frieden Font!
  4. four-thirty // clothing tags boutique branding collateral debossing identity design tags texture
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    four-thirty // clothing tags
  5. Frieden Packaging capstone cbd skincare packaging design packaging designer preview procreate skincare packaging type design
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    Frieden Packaging
  6. Frieden Font capstone font design geometric letterforms san serif student work typeface design
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    Frieden Font
  7. Frieden Primary Box Designs cannabidiol cannabis packaging organic design packaging design print skincare design
    View Frieden Primary Box Designs
    Frieden Primary Box Designs
  8. Tad Carpenter Lecture Poster department design illustration design poster design shape design
    View Tad Carpenter Lecture Poster
    Tad Carpenter Lecture Poster
  9. Senior Portfolio book design cover design diecut laser cut portfolio print design student publication
    View Senior Portfolio
    Senior Portfolio
  10. Frieden! color identity guide senior project set up skincare type design
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  11. Art + Design Survival Guide print design publication design screenprinting typographic
    View Art + Design Survival Guide
    Art + Design Survival Guide
  12. Triptych Cards board game cards collateral game
    View Triptych Cards
    Triptych Cards
  13. Triptych 'Tails detail icon design
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    Triptych 'Tails
  14. Triptych art board game history identity development
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  15. Teplo\Obzhig Coffeeshop coffee design packaging packaging design
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    Teplo\Obzhig Coffeeshop
  16. тепло\обжиг Coffee Shop identity coffee design russian design student design wip
    View тепло\обжиг Coffee Shop identity
    тепло\обжиг Coffee Shop identity
  17. Foot Lamp exploration illustration work in progress
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    Foot Lamp
  18. Gismonda's Label
    View Gismonda's Label
    Gismonda's Label
  19. Gismonda pattern art nouveau floral pattern vector
    View Gismonda pattern
    Gismonda pattern
  20. Gismonda's Amber Ale logo art nouveau logo design packaging pattern design
    View Gismonda's Amber Ale logo
    Gismonda's Amber Ale logo
  21. Gismonda’s Amber Ale beer packaging bottle design packaging design student work
    View Gismonda’s Amber Ale
    Gismonda’s Amber Ale
  22. Fuego To-Go Foodtruck branding campaign design food truck design identity
    View Fuego To-Go Foodtruck
    Fuego To-Go Foodtruck
  23. What's your sign? astrology linear lunar sign space zodiac
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    What's your sign?
  24. 1-800-HELP advertising campaign city gritty magazine design marketing packaging paint spraypaint stencil texture typography
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