1. Simple pagination component css fitness navigation pagination sports web
    View Simple pagination
    Simple pagination
  2. 404 page SVG animation animation hackers inclusive material mobile svg web
    View 404 page SVG animation
    404 page SVG animation
  3. Emoji material industry multi-select picker chip things (?) color emoji form industry javascript material pattern react selection web
    View Emoji material industry multi-select picker chip things (?)
    Emoji material industry multi-select picker chip things (?)
  4. Responsive primary navigation css desktop html navigation responsive shadow smartphone tablet web
    View Responsive primary navigation
    Responsive primary navigation
  5. Profile Card avatar card industries material design profile react social web
    View Profile Card
    Profile Card
  6. Kaldi Custom Keyboard Navigation accessibility coffee css dark footer html keyboard navigation netlify smashing web
    View Kaldi Custom Keyboard Navigation
    Kaldi Custom Keyboard Navigation
  7. BB-Team search component card css fitness food health html search svg web
    View BB-Team search component
    BB-Team search component
  8. BB-Team long-form template css gestures html mobile first multi screen responsive svg swiper web
    View BB-Team long-form template
    BB-Team long-form template
  9. Kaldi products page bright coffee css html marketing orange products tachyons web website white
    View Kaldi products page
    Kaldi products page
  10. Bodybuilding 404 error page 404 card css error fitness food html web
    View Bodybuilding 404 error page
    Bodybuilding 404 error page
  11. Happy customer blockquote atomic blockquote coffee css footer html responsive tachyons warm web
    View Happy customer blockquote
    Happy customer blockquote
  12. Food info layout (CSS sticky positioning) broccoli css food html macronutrients micronutrients scrolling sticky tables web
    View Food info layout (CSS sticky positioning)
    Food info layout (CSS sticky positioning)
  13. Personal website night mode blog css dark emoji homepage html jekyll layout night personal website toggle web
    View Personal website night mode
    Personal website night mode
  14. Responsive pricing table atomic coffee css html pricing responsive table tachyons warm web
    View Responsive pricing table
    Responsive pricing table
  15. Personal site update blog css emoji homepage html jekyll layout personal website web
    View Personal site update
    Personal site update
  16. Get fit wizard card css fit front end html javascript motion navigation prototype svg wizard
    View Get fit wizard
    Get fit wizard
  17. Self-coloring dashboard cards color css dashboard design systems html icon illustration
    View Self-coloring dashboard cards
    Self-coloring dashboard cards
  18. Footer + subscribe block atomic coffee css footer html newsletter responsive tachyons warm web
    View Footer + subscribe block
    Footer + subscribe block
  19. My Day modal button color css filter fitness input modal rating reaction sports
    View My Day modal
    My Day modal
  20. Tag component + tooltip accessibility component delete front end hover state tag tooltip
    View Tag component + tooltip
    Tag component + tooltip
  21. "Scroll to top" component animation component css front end icon interaction motion scroll svg web
    View "Scroll to top" component
    "Scroll to top" component
  22. Spacefarm website update code css landing page minimalist modernist sci fi space spacefarm studio web design website
    View Spacefarm website update
    Spacefarm website update
  23. QTI upload modal component css front end hover icons animation interaction menu qti svg upload web
    View QTI upload modal
    QTI upload modal
  24. Primary navigation interaction affordance component css front end hover icons animation interaction menu product svg web
    View Primary navigation interaction
    Primary navigation interaction
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