1. More keys.  keys gold black lines geometric platonic
    More keys.
  2. The key to happiness is... key line art gold
    The key to happiness is...
  3. Squarespace Design Collective fun stamp design squarespace ny
    Squarespace Design Collective
  4. Coming Soon. platonic solids
    Coming Soon.
  5. Screwed.  sqsp squarespace devs build
  6. in progress mobile app sqsp squarespace
    in progress
  7. SQSP Landing Page landing page web design art squarespace
    SQSP Landing Page
  8. Squarespace 6
    Squarespace 6
  9. Handbuilt
  10. Early SQSP homepage comp comp idea squares spaceman website homepage
    Early SQSP homepage comp
  11. Old unused ad sqsp ad eagle gold beautiful rejected create hand-lettering
    Old unused ad
  12. Another rejected page. rejected shit homepage icons dark blogs pages galleries oh my
    Another rejected page.
  13. About Page Employee Filter reject about
    About Page Employee Filter
  14. Rejected comp for a redesign I'm working on.  reject homepage tour features
    Rejected comp for a redesign I'm working on.
  15. SXSW Banner banner sxsw food websites
    SXSW Banner
  16. Neon Lights 2 flash ads neon lights squarespace
    Neon Lights 2
  17. Neon Lights ads neon lights squarespace flash
    Neon Lights
  18. T-shirt shirt squarespace cameras photography
  19. Protectors of email!  cloud icons ninja unused concept katana stars email
    Protectors of email!
  20. bee. logo wip bee wings insect
  21. Logo options wip logo platonic solid
    Logo options
  22. WIP logo mark  logo abstract wip fibonacci
    WIP logo mark
  23. Updated Presidential Icon wings bird eagle icon shield arrow leaf president
    Updated Presidential Icon
  24. Diabetes Icon icon minimalist blue green blood hand
    Diabetes Icon
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