1. Red Logo design growth logo minimal red redandwhite safety
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    Red Logo
  2. Let's be glad something worse didn't happen crash crashtestdummies illustration outtake unfinished
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    Let's be glad something worse didn't happen
  3. Cure / Poison cure distortion illustration noise placebo poison
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    Cure / Poison
  4. Did not happen collage country dark illustration mountains nuclear vintage
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    Did not happen
  5. Thesis Cover blackandwhite health science sport thesis youth
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    Thesis Cover
  6. Gain Control ebm electronic girl illustration industrial kosice party poster rocket scifi space tabacka techno
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    Gain Control
  7. Fontanela ambient blackandwhite coldwar drone film fontanela industrial lofi retro romance
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  8. Connected addiction adolescents health internet subcultures
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  9. Noise Girl calm dark distortion ebm eyes illustration industrial kosice music noise reduce tabacka
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    Noise Girl
  10. Body Image alien beauty bodyimage cult fake pressure
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    Body Image
  11. Underwater Secrets bw coverart illustration industrial lp ruzin
    View Underwater Secrets
    Underwater Secrets
  12. Lure addiction eternity illustration lure noise time workinprogress
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  13. The walk analog collage colored green industrial nuclear paper photocopy postapo soviet
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    The walk
  14. Frozen arctic cold collage galaxy retro space stars unused
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  15. Artificial apocalypse cyborg dark drawing illustration industrial nuclear photoshop
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  16. A logo in progress c cube graphicdesign hexagon logo logotype red
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    A logo in progress
  17. Thesis cover illustration piece adolescent collage dark healthy illustration lifestyle menace noise photoshop soviet sport
    View Thesis cover illustration piece
    Thesis cover illustration piece
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