1. Beat the virus adobe boxing character design covid illustration illustrator pandemic photoshop texture vector virus winner
    View Beat the virus
    Beat the virus
  2. Downward Dog Split character design female illustration illustrator outdoor park sports summer texture vancouver vector yoga
    View Downward Dog Split
    Downward Dog Split
  3. Big Kid 3d bear big kid character design child clay design girl handmade illustration kid plasticine sculpture
    View Big Kid
    Big Kid
  4. Shiny Choy Sum animated gif clay claymation dishes food gif green green monday plasticine stop mo stop motion vegetable veggie
    View Shiny Choy Sum
    Shiny Choy Sum
  5. Looking Out to Sea alone character design eyes hong kong illustration illustrator lonely man men park path peace rock sea seawall stanley park stone texture vancouver vector
    View Looking Out to Sea
    Looking Out to Sea
  6. Phubbing addiction canada character design geese green illustration illustrator nature phone texture vancouver vector
    View Phubbing
  7. Protect the Flame animated gif animation candle character design clay claymation fire flame gif loop animation mourning plasticine stop motion
    View Protect the Flame
    Protect the Flame
  8. Unreachable bouquet character design door fisheye flower home hong kong illustration illustrator man photoshop texture vector
    View Unreachable
  9. Raising Hand character design group hand up human illustration illustrator men people vector women
    View Raising Hand
    Raising Hand
  10. Subyub Lee character design hong kong illustration illustrator singer singing contest song writer stage taiwan texture vector
    View Subyub Lee
    Subyub Lee
  11. Muscular character design group illustration illustrator masculine men muscle muscular shirtless texture vector
    View Muscular
  12. Scrubbing animated gif animation character design gif girl harmony illustration illustrator loop animation toon boom vector
    View Scrubbing
  13. Breathe animated gif character design girl hong kong illustration illustrator loop relax texture vector
    View Breathe
  14. Siu Mei animation butcher canton character design harmony hong kong illustration illustrator texture toon boom vector
    View Siu Mei
    Siu Mei
  15. Normality character design daily everyday illustration illustrator life mask passenger texture train vector
    View Normality
  16. f2021 canada character design illustration illustrator park photo photoshop texture vector
    View f2021
  17. Selfie in Stanley Park character design illustration illustrator park photo selfie stanley park texture trees vancouver vector
    View Selfie in Stanley Park
    Selfie in Stanley Park
  18. Secret Angel canada candy character design gift illustration illustrator lovely neighbor photoshop secret angel sweet texture thanksgiving vancouver vector
    View Secret Angel
    Secret Angel
  19. Socrates the Philosopher character design hong kong illustration illustrator philosopher socrates statue texture vector
    View Socrates the Philosopher
    Socrates the Philosopher
  20. Thief animated gif animation character design frame gif illustration illustrator motion photoshop slowly stop motion texture thief vector
    View Thief
  21. Red Snapper Fish Soup australia character design design fish food graphic design hong kong illustration illustrator japan melbourne snapper soup texture vector
    View Red Snapper Fish Soup
    Red Snapper Fish Soup
  22. Fotan, Hong Kong affinity designer chill city crowd design fotan hong kong illustration illustrator industrial minibus road taxi texture vector
    View Fotan, Hong Kong
    Fotan, Hong Kong
  23. Flower affinity designer botanical flower illustration flowers gift goodbye hong kong illustration illustrator love purple texture vector white
    View Flower
  24. Oscar animated gif animation award character design clay claymation design dream gif gold hong kong hopeful illustration illustrator man oscar plasticine red carpet texture yellow
    View Oscar
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