FlipSnack - My collections

May 25, 2016

Working on a new dashboard concept for FlipSnack. Check out the attachment for a larger preview. You're welcome to leave a comment. Likes are also really appreciated :).

HTML 5 landing page

May 11, 2016

Working on a new landing page for our HTML5 widget for FlipSnack.

Content editor concept

April 16, 2016

Trying out a new concept for the editor, optimized for smaller screens too.

Element bar concept

March 13, 2016

Just trying out a cleaner element bar concept for our editor.

FlipSnack - Content editor

September 14, 2015

This is the new FlipSnack content editor. The design was made with help/feedback from my product manager and a fellow designer.

FlipSnack - Empty state

September 02, 2015

Empty state redesign for FlipSnack.

FlipSnack profile

August 29, 2015

Profile redesign for FlipSnack.

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