1. F*ck that debut hello glass middlefinger lady cocktail
    F*ck that
  2. 36 days of type - R shoes shoe procreate framebyframe animated walking studiosnels gradient shine ball 36daysoftype man heavy walk cycle loop walkcycle illustration animation
    36 days of type - R
  3. Moving Day composition man hide hiding cup coffee studiosnels house home appartment speaker box plant eyes fish plants boxes moving illustration animation
    Moving Day
  4. Data overkill man rain vibrate buzz media content ring telephone fire swipe mobile data
    Data overkill
  5. Part 1 illustration romantic romance goodbye break process studiosnels lineart line shirt circle wind hair legs gradient dance connected woman man break up
    Part 1
  6. Enter the conversation help web online conversation computer graphics daan snels studiosnels 2danimation shadow work desk shine lines plant smoke coffee speech bubble vector 2d computer
    Enter the conversation
  7. 36 days of type - All skate sport repeat spin dance loop 2d challenge cell animated procreate framebyframe mozaic alphabet letters 36daysoftype 36days illustration animation
    36 days of type - All
  8. 36 days of type - Z team gradient monstera plant fitness procreate sleep loop intense healthy fit work home strong push notification sit up pushup exercise workout animation
    36 days of type - Z
  9. 36 days of type - X fly framebyframe noise man bald studiosnels neon gradient smoke procreate frame frames smear flying alphabet letter loop illustration animation
    36 days of type - X
  10. Part 2 illustration lovestory love broken circle relation woman roman lineart line floating float goodbye connected studiosnels dance romantic romance breakup break
    Part 2
  11. Avans Expertisecentrum Technische Innovatie drone train boat house building circular rebuild environment sustainable durable resilient urban city avans
    Avans Expertisecentrum Technische Innovatie
  12. 36 days of type - C rimlight liquid liquify smudge glass framebyframe hand man 36daysoftype 36days alphabet letter shine loop gradient lettering graphic illustration animation
    36 days of type - C
  13. Workspace shadow light web notebook headphone plant window computer
  14. Square eyes tablet app fingers square eyes light hands addicted mobile tablet
    Square eyes
  15. Letters from aliens alienware rimlight play kids kid design character shadow line happy contact letter aliens u.f.o. ufo alien
    Letters from aliens
  16. 36 days of type - D challlenge happy procreate line pingpong loop mask glass gradient 36daysd 36daysoftype 36days alphabet letter dancer dance man illustration animation
    36 days of type - D
  17. Fisherman hat water vest watch ring man cool dead fisherman fishing fishes fish vector
  18. Thank you Jagthund! new website loop doggy mask hat man leaf leafs animation text hiding thankyou thanks cell animation cellanimation cell framebyframe bushes bush dog
    Thank you Jagthund!
  19. Part 3 animation illustration girl apart light floating woman man dance snap broken circle studiosnels lineart line connected lovestory love breakup break
    Part 3
  20. Daydream face man person line shoes sleep bonsai work stars planets computer dream
  21. 36 days of type - B shine simple line belt circle two day mp4 illustration animation gif morph ball fat man loop alphabet letter 36days 36daysoftype
    36 days of type - B
  22. Nezzt modular housing crocodile swipe hand building build door kitchen city nature adjust bathroom unit window house housing street modular
    Nezzt modular housing
  23. Restaurant in daylight chinatown city urban neighborhood neon lampion shrimp shadow shadows pole electricity day lights street chinese rest restuarant wok china
    Restaurant in daylight
  24. 36 days of type - N beads light shine letters letter cradient procreate 36daysoftype 36days studiosnels threads bead button wire needle graphic illustration
    36 days of type - N
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