1. Putting Student Beans on the map clean voucher codes birmingham student beans interaction current location map ios chris weston
    View Putting Student Beans on the map
    Putting Student Beans on the map
  2. Internal Design System design system dashboard stock management tables management tool cms chris weston
    View Internal Design System
    Internal Design System
  3. Internal Management Tool dashboard stock management tables management tool cms chris weston
    View Internal Management Tool
    Internal Management Tool
  4. Where to use current location ux user flow get directions ios map view map student beans chris weston
    View Where to use
    Where to use
  5. Offer Page Specs ios ui product design ux student beans chris weston spec sheet specs app
    View Offer Page Specs
    Offer Page Specs
  6. View location student beans protoype chris weston location view map ios ux app principle
    View View location
    View location
  7. Solving our lack of App reviews app store ratings conversational chris weston product design android ios review prompt ux
    View Solving our lack of App reviews
    Solving our lack of App reviews
  8. App Walkthrough onboarding app ios android student beans chris weston parallax
    View App Walkthrough
    App Walkthrough
  9. Listing Page Spec sketch app android ios app student discounts college app spec listing chris weston
    View Listing Page Spec
    Listing Page Spec
  10. Onboarding Screens parallax chris weston student beans android ios app onboarding
    View Onboarding Screens
    Onboarding Screens
  11. New Listing View listing ios android gif app student discounts college voucher codes chris weston
    View New Listing View
    New Listing View
  12. App Landing Page ux ui web design student beans chris weston app landing page
    View App Landing Page
    App Landing Page
  13. Notification Permission Prompt permissions notification prompt principle app ios chris weston notification
    View Notification Permission Prompt
    Notification Permission Prompt
  14. Registration Wireframes low fidelity user journey verification chris weston flow sign up wireframes
    View Registration Wireframes
    Registration Wireframes
  15. iOS Navigation & Transitions chris weston apps id student swipe away transitions notification tabs iphone ios navigation tab bar
    View iOS Navigation & Transitions
    iOS Navigation & Transitions
  16. Student Beans App Workflow chris weston ux map sketch discount student student beans design app workflow
    View Student Beans App Workflow
    Student Beans App Workflow
  17. Swipe Navigation Exploration chris weston principle id college discounts student app tabs tab bar android navigation swipe
    View Swipe Navigation Exploration
    Swipe Navigation Exploration
  18. New Tab Bar Preview chris weston notification tabs iphone ios navigation tab bar
    View New Tab Bar Preview
    New Tab Bar Preview
  19. Discount Redemption chris weston deals offers ios app interaction prototype ux topshop student student beans discount
    View Discount Redemption
    Discount Redemption
  20. Blynker.com pomodoro chris weston app web app health eye strain eye blynker
    View Blynker.com
  21. Apita chris weston large background single page website simple minimal green colour seo apita
    View Apita
  22. Reacji for iMessenger chris weston pixate gif messenges ux slack reactimoji reacji emoticon emoji imessenger
    View Reacji for iMessenger
    Reacji for iMessenger
  23. Wemtech homepage design chris weston clean simple white hero large it solutions light web web design
    View Wemtech homepage design
    Wemtech homepage design
  24. PFD Skis preview chris weston ecommerce basket clean ui stylish fashion landing shop simple
    View PFD Skis preview
    PFD Skis preview
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