Diploid - Logotype / Wordmark Design

December 29, 2014

Diploid means double or twofold: having two similar complements of chromosomes. In genetics it means a cell, organism, or group of organisms having a diploid number of chromosomes. This simple, bold and clever wordmark was designed for t...


July 31, 2014

Sweet @José took me by surprise with a lovely stamp of my own logo!

Avid flyfishing

Avid SupaFly Logo Embroidery

July 19, 2012

Just a real life example showing one of my previously developed logos embroidered and stitched on a cap. Check out the original logo design here. See http://avidgear.com for more branding...

Elise kim clothinglabels

Elise Kim Clothinglabels

June 05, 2011

Fashion Designer Elise Kim was kind enough to sent me a couple of clothing labels with her new logo neatly embroidered by Market Textile Labels. It's always a pleasure to see where the logo ends up in real life. Also featured in this po...