1. Izzy The Glassblower animal badge geometric vintage eye tattoo tentacles tentacle ocean glassblower fish branding illustration design octopus logo octopus
    Izzy The Glassblower
  2. Snake Charmer Lounge snake logo flames restaurant lounge bar texas austin texas austin high heels snake cobra animal badge brand branding vintage logo tattoo design illustration
    Snake Charmer Lounge
  3. Greyhound Coffee coffee roaster coffee beverage drip texas austin inspiration geometric monogram badge vintage animal logo dog logo branding brand greyhound dog illustration
    Greyhound Coffee
  4. Profound Glass - Stash feather gem lightening wings psychedelic merch illustration vine plant glass nest nature mushroom fish eye magpie raven crow hand bird
    Profound Glass - Stash
  5. Domesticated Dry Goods badge floral flower animal design illustrator distressed type brand blood drip thorn tattoo rose logo branding longhorns longhorn bull illustration
    Domesticated Dry Goods
  6. Profound Glass - Black Cat stipple tattoo geometric logo typography glass fireworks black cat illustration monoline fire weird psychedelic water fountain diamond space eye skull cat
    Profound Glass - Black Cat
  7. Barman's Fund - Cocktail Party poster art cocktail party party fountain vintage cocktail bar bar drink tattoo swallow event nonprofit cocktail flat chalis glass cup birds flyer poster
    Barman's Fund - Cocktail Party
  8. Bear Mountain Studios - RBR Design animal vintage spike drip drop smoke water glass brick block mountain globe snake surreal sword hand eye flower nature bear
    Bear Mountain Studios - RBR Design
  9. Elevated Thinking - Head Space earth tones compass playing card people person minimal pattern desert southwest nature logo card stairs monoline geometric eye profile human man face
    Elevated Thinking - Head Space
  10. The Riddle of the Sphinx simple typography linework geometrical geometric beard person face travel eye lion education question stars sky egyptian pyramid riddle egypt sphynx
    The Riddle of the Sphinx
  11. Bear Mountain Studios - Bear Head leaf geometric animal pattern roar mouth stairs teeth sun monoline bears nature wildlife wing crown tattoo flower floral mountain bear
    Bear Mountain Studios - Bear Head
  12. Lonely Skull vintage eye tattoo geometric color golden gold head mouth teeth spider spiderweb filagree lonely fka twigs art noveau monoline floral flower skull
    Lonely Skull
  13. Roots 101 - Northern California Tribute beak monoline geometric arch shirt compass seed tree northern california california redwood roots eye flower mountain cougar puma mountain lion kingfisher bird
    Roots 101 - Northern California Tribute
  14. Foxy Claws Logo salon nail art monoline tattoo eye space vintage patch badge banner foxy cosmetics logo cosmetology cosmetics nails hands hand eyes claws fox
    Foxy Claws Logo
  15. Austin Night Life flat vintage eye monoline logo monoline star moon nocturnal arch dark night austin texas austin geometric animal bat head floral tattoo flower bat
    Austin Night Life
  16. Either/Orthrus retro fountain water fire politics democracy flower floral rug eye snake box column worship dog wolf poster design greek poster illustration
  17. Firefly Glass andross video games andros sci fi glass space opal diamond mouth tattoo hands arch bug fire fly firefly eyes eye gorilla
    Firefly Glass
  18. Casa Durango Seltzer durango succulent branding color palette eagle floral flower illustration water sparkling water soda seltzer southwest geometric logo badge bird animal
    Casa Durango Seltzer
  19. Horses In The Back cowboy star spur geometric horseshoe horses horse
    Horses In The Back
  20. Texas Woodworking Festival - Arch Design woodblock badge logo badgedesign patch badge woodworking texas
    Texas Woodworking Festival - Arch Design
  21. Texas Woodworking Festival - Crest Design badge logo badge design texas wood woodworking brand branding patch badge
    Texas Woodworking Festival - Crest Design
  22. AMERICA! typography bird american jully 4th eagle america
  23. HABITAT BREWING COMPANY GRAND OPENING typography restaurant branding detroit grand opening brewing brew brewery beer
  24. HABITAT BREWING CAN MOCK UP mockup branding brewing company hops brewery logo brand brewery can beer
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